Common & Pete Rock Release New Single ‘Dreamin’; Announce New Album ‘THE AUDITORIUM’

As speculated in our last coverage around Common and Pete Rock‘s release of ‘Wise Up,’ the duo indeed have an album on the way — THE AUDITORIUM, VOL. 1, due for release July 12, 2024.

Now, whether there will be a series of full-length projects as different volumes, is up for contention, although what is clear that another single off the album is out now; it’s called ‘Dreamin’.‘ Complementing the audio is a set of visuals packed into a VEVO Ctrl session performance video, available below!

The song pays incredible homage to Common’s influences and pretty much to all the legends in hip-hop with the verses, while Pete Rock’s exceptional sonic arrangement shines through with brass instrumentation. In the video, the duo can be seen performing their song in a brass-golden set, with ample light elevating the nostalgia of the golden age of hip hop. The single’s anachronistic quality is similar to that of the last release, ‘Wise Up,’ further suggesting that this upcoming album will follow such a thematic approach over tracks.

To be perfectly clear, this nostalgia isn’t just for the fans; for Common seems to be representing a fan of the culture with this one. In fact, speaking on the experience of working with Pete Rock, he reportedly said “Pete Rock is one of The Greatest Creators Hip Hop and Music has ever seen. It has been a dream of mine to work with him on an album. And once we got together and I I was around him and all his records and his MPC I felt the spirit of what I always loved in hip hop in soul music and why I wanted to be a part of the artform. His beats, his production, his scratches, took me to a place where I could just MC freely. It felt I like I was home.” In more ways than one, Common really drives this one home for many of us, through him.

Now, in case you’re wondering what the tracklist looks like, look no further (instead, look below):

The Auditorium, Vol. 1 

1. Dreamin’

2. Chi-Town Do It

3. This Man’s Arms

4. We’re On Our Way

5. Fortunate

6. So Many People (ft. Bilal)

7. Wise Up

8. A GOD (There Is) (ft. Jennifer Hudson)

9. Stellar

10. Lonesome

11. All Kind Of Ideas (ft. Pete Rock)

12. When The Sun Shines Again (ft. Posdnuos of De La Soul)

13. Everything’s So Grand (ft. PJ)

14. Now and Then

15. Outro


Tryna’ pre-order or pre-save the album? We got you covered here!


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Kendrick Lamar Announces ‘Ken & Friends’ June 19th Show

Kendrick Lamar has announced a ‘Ken & Friends’ show at The Forum in Inglewood, California.

Presented by pgLang and Free Lunch, The Pop Out show takes place on June 19th and is expected to feature special guests.

General ticket sales for The Pop Out begin this Friday at 10 a.m. PT via Ticketmaster, while Cash App Card customers will get first priority one day earlier. This will mark Kendrick’s first live show after the heavy back & forth with Drake.

More details about the show are expected to be revealed in the coming days.

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Ice Spice Announces World Tour, Reveals Date for Debut Album Release

Rapper Ice Spice, most famous for her viral track ‘Munch‘, has finally announced the coming of her debut full length project Y2K. The album title is a reference to her birth year, 2000, and according to Billboard, will not be too lengthy of a project.

To build hype for the album, the rapper also released a song earlier this year, which had fans divided; probably understandable, considering it is titled ‘Think U the Shit (Fart)‘. That said, J Cole received little to no criticism for a similar bar (double standards, maybe?)

Regardless, the Bronx rapper is known for putting out hit after hit, so best believe the album is going to be jam-packed with jams that pack a punch. The artwork for Y2K has also been released, and features the rapper in her natural habitat; in New York, at a subway, next to a fire hydrant, in short-shorts wearing Dior and overlayed with graffiti. If the vibrancy of the cover is any indication, the album is going to be full of different flavors. Some that we expect from the ‘Munch’ rapper, and some that might (we hope) put doubters to shame.

Following up the announcement, the rapper also announced a world tour alongside Cash Cobain and Riotusa, starting July 04, 2024. Check out the dates and places below!

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Hot97’s Summerjam Celebrates 30 Years of Hip-Hop with Epic Performances

Hot97’s Summerjam, held in New York at the UBS Arena, drew an electrifying crowd of 19,000 fans. The festival began with a high-energy Pre-Summer Jam festival, leading into a night full of music, dance, and unforgettable moments. From long-time listeners to new fans, everyone found something to enjoy, creating a unifying experience that celebrated hip-hop’s rich history.

Doja Cat, Sexyy Red, French Montana, and Davido headlined the event with breathtaking performances. Hip hop legends Method Man and Redman energized the crowd with “Da Rockwilder,” while Lola Brooke mesmerized with hits like “Don’t Play With It.” Viral star Cash Cobain kept fans on their feet with “Fisherrr.” Big Daddy Kane honored Mister Cee with a heartfelt tribute, and Doja Cat closed the night with a mesmerizing set featuring surprise guests ASAP Ferg, Busta Rhymes, and Gunna.

Celebrating Hip-Hop’s Legacy

HOT 97 Summerjam’s 30th anniversary wasn’t just a concert; it was a celebration of hip-hop’s enduring legacy. The event showcased both the genre’s historic past and its vibrant future, highlighting how integral Summerjam has become to hip-hop culture. This year’s festival reinforced Summerjam’s status as a crucial event for fans and artists alike.

Exclusive Media Lounge

The exclusive media lounge hosted artists like Offset, ASAP Ferg, and Davido. Celebrities enjoyed gifts from Ellesse and engaged in interviews with Fox 5’s Lisa Evers and HOT97 personalities DJ Mike Medium and DJ Wallah. Sexxy Red turned heads on the red carpet with her unique teddy bear, adding to the night’s excitement.

Hot97’s Summerjam has consistently been a cornerstone of hip-hop culture, bringing together the biggest names in the industry and highlighting emerging talents.

This celebration of hip-hop continues as the genre evolves and grows. Next up, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of new music from some of the artists who performed at Summerjam, promising even more excitement in the hip-hop and R&B world.

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Tha Dogg Pound Release New Album ‘We All We Got’ Ft. Snoop Dogg, Blxst, DaBaby, More

Legendary rap duo Tha Dogg Pound (Daz Dillinger and Kurupt) are back with their much awaited new album W.A.W.G. (We All We Got).

The album has been released through Death Row Records in partnership with Gala Music and marks Dogg Pound’s first album with Snoop Dogg since 2005. It is also their first with Death Row since 1995’s number 1 LP Dogg Food.

Blxst, Butch Cassidy, DaBaby, Jane Handcock, Lady of Rage, October London, RBX, Snoop, Soul Cat, Stresmatic and Tha Eastsidaz are the guest appearances on the album while the album boasts production from names like DJ Premier, Jelly Roll, Mike & Keys, Rick Rock, Battlecat and Soopafly.

Daz and Kurupt said: “It’s been almost 30 years since our first album. So reuniting with Death Row and partnering with Gala Music for this is special. We love that we’re able to give our fans new music and bring them into the Web3 space as well.” Stream the album below.

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Eminem Releases New Single ‘Houdini’ From Upcoming Album, ‘The Death of Slim Shady’: Watch

This is not a drill; The Real Slim Shady is back, back again — and this time, he’s making his career disappear! Or so he claims, although we don’t think we will ever be rid of hip-hop’s most menacing anytime soon. In any case, Eminem is back with the first single to kick of what seems to be the final phase in his career with Houdini, which is out now for your listening pleasure.

After having teased the track extensively over social media the past couple of days — first with cryptic chats that disappear, succeeded only by sepia laden found-footage style promos of circus-magic tricks, the anticipation has finally come to an end in the wake of a David Blaine collaboration.

Yes, the trick is finally revealed with the release of ‘Houdini,’ a track named after the magician best known for disappearing in mysterious fashion

The release comes in hot in the middle of much speculation and theorising. For starters, the sepia footage Eminem shared on his story a couple days back teasing the now released song is actually footage from Eminem’s 1999 release, ‘Role Model,’ the beat for which was later used by rappers Juice Wrld and Cordae. But it didn’t stop there, for Eminem hopped on a flip-version of the beat again on the song ‘Doomsday Pt. 2.’

Now, was this all some elaborate foreshadowing tying into the theme of ‘Coup de Grace,’ the overarching idea behind The Death of Slim Shady? For Coup de Grace refers to putting an end to suffering, and well, Doomsday refers to a time marking death and destruction. 

From fans conspiring along the lines of Eminem pulling a rabbit (or rather, a B-Rabbit) out the hat in some way, to the call back to the artwork’s Slim Shady and Curtain Call motifs, Stans have long been reading into the ‘trick’ trying to decipher hidden meanings.

Interestingly, the release date (5.31.24), too, features the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 in a different order. Now, whether it actually means something, or is just release frenzy and pandemonium created in anticipation of the album or not will become clear only with time.

Although, it must be stated that, in the past, the numbers on the Curtain Call 2 artwork referred to (as decoded by a Reddit user) “558008 = BOOBSS 771534 = HE’S ILL 451734 = HELISH 104554 = ASSHOL,” making use of the ‘Calculator Language,’ — so the mystique is befitting of Slim Shady’s weird antics. If one thing seems certain though, it is that some clues definitely lie in the artwork for ‘Houdini,’ which is out now for you to piece together!

Watch the music video reminiscent of old times, below. It features cameos from Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Denaun, Royce, Alchemist and more.

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TwoGether Land Festival Makes a Spectacular Debut in Dallas

The inaugural TwoGether Land Festival, a partnership between ONE Musicfest and Live Nation Urban, transformed the historic Fair Park into a vibrant celebration of urban music and culture this past weekend. With headliners like Lil Wayne, Summer Walker, Latto, and Gucci Mane, the two-day event drew thousands of music enthusiasts to Dallas, establishing itself as the Southwest’s hottest new festival.

The festival kicked off with a bang, setting high expectations from the start. Gucci Mane’s entrance was nothing short of electrifying, as the crowd erupted in cheers at the sight of “1017” displayed on the screen. Gucci treated fans to an array of hits including “Lemonade,” “Wasted,” and “Freaky Girl.” A highlight of his performance was when he brought his wife, Keyshia Ka’oir, on stage to dance to “Freaky Girl,” dazzling the audience with her glamorous outfit.

Dru Hill also left a lasting impression, celebrating their 25th anniversary with a performance that felt like a nostalgic trip back to the ’90s. They paid tribute to the late DMX, encouraging fans to “put your X’s up” during a spirited rendition of “What These B****es Want.” Hits like “Beauty,” “These Are The Times,” and “In My Bed” had the crowd singing along in unison.

Summer Walker’s performance was another standout, opening with a striking electric guitar riff. Her set included hits like “Session 32,” “You Don’t Know What Love Is,” “Playing Games,” and “Over It,” enhanced by stunning lighting in shades of purple, pink, and gold. She was joined on stage by guest artists, including Dallas native 4batz, who gifted her a large Louis Vuitton bag, and Tink, who performed “Treat Me Like Somebody.”

Memorable Moments and Star-Studded Sightings

The festival wasn’t just about the music. Kenyon Dixon mingled with fans in the VIP section, posing for photos and signing autographs. Houston’s Tajah The DJ, and K104’s Tre G and Kayla Brinkley were spotted among the VIPs, along with Jason Lyric.

Latto kept the energy high, performing her hits and engaging with the audience by tossing water bottles into the crowd, much to their delight. Her dynamic presence added to the festival’s exhilarating atmosphere.

A Grand Finale by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne closed out the festival with a captivating set that left fans in awe. His performance included a comprehensive catalog of his greatest hits, providing a perfect end to an unforgettable weekend. As the final notes echoed through Fair Park, attendees knew they had witnessed something special.

TwoGether Land’s Promising Future

With its debut, TwoGether Land has set a high bar for urban music festivals in the Southwest. The diverse lineup and vibrant performances, coupled with the sense of community and celebration, promise that TwoGether Land will become a staple event for years to come. As festival founder J. Carter noted, “We look forward to TwoGether Land becoming a must-attend event, much like ONE Musicfest.”

TwoGether Land has indeed answered Dallas’ call, uniting music lovers from all corners to celebrate the creativity and soul of Black music. The festival’s successful inaugural year hints at an even brighter future, with anticipation already building for next year’s event.

Additional reporting by De’Aundrea Kidd, Mya Sims and Khalid Gray

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Nicki Minaj Announces Leg 2 of ‘The Pink Friday 2 World Tour’

Nicki Minaj has announced the second leg of her record breaking tour, The Pink Friday 2 World Tour.

Nicki Minaj Presents: Pink Friday 2 World Tour now holds the record for highest grossing rap tour by a woman and top-10 highest grossing rap tour by any rapper of all time. Nicki’s highest selling tour to date (with over 50 arena shows) is currently trekking through UK and Europe.

The second leg of the tour will hit a total of 22 additional shows, including new performances in Los Angeles, Miami, St. Louis and more; along with the return to Dallas, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C. and many other cities her dedicated fans have been requesting. For the finale of the tour, Nicki will make her return to Queens, New York for one final show in her hometown.

Check out the full schedule below.

Tickets will be available starting with a Citi presale beginning on Wednesday, May 29. Additional presales will run throughout the week ahead of the general onsale beginning on Friday, May 31 at 9am local time at

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Vory’s Reference Track for Drake’s ‘Mob Ties’ Surfaces Online

In what seems to be another leak in the operation (pun intended), another reference track for Drake has leaked online. Only this time, instead of Lil Yachty (who sent a reference for ‘Jumbotron S**t Poppin‘), it is actually Vory’s vocal performance demo for the hugely successful Drake track, ‘Mob Ties‘.

The song has been a topic of much controversy and discussion, with fans generating conspiracy theories on how Drake may have been involved in the murder of rapper XXXtentacion based primarily off a bar on ‘Mob Ties’. In it, Drake mentions how he is trading Louis Vuitton bags in exchange for body bags — an eerie coincidence considering how witnesses claim to have seen X’s shooters with Louis bags on them. Now, however, the fans are confused as it seems like Drake may not have even written the bar himself!

While the reference track seems to be an authentic recording by Vory, it is important to note that he is actually already credited as one of the writers on the controversial record. If you’re wondering where, it’s the last name in the writing credits (T. Hollins Jr, short for Tavoris Javon Hollins Jr.).

The true contention, really, is how much of it was actually written by Vory? If the demo is any indication, it is likely that Vory wrote majority of the track, for why would an artist have an entire flow ready for a track they wrote less of? Craft wise, the act of finding flow pockets and writing the song are processes that go hand in hand more often than not.

With these coming to light (no, not a Daylyt pun) the pertinent question is: how much of a ‘hitmaker’ really is Drake? With multiple number 1’s on the Billboard Hot 100, how many are really written just by Drake? We just have no way of knowing!

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Sexyy Red Releases New Project ‘In Sexyy We Trust’ Ft. Drake, Lil Baby, More: Stream

Sexyy Red is showing to the world that she’s a hard working artist.

A few days ago, the rapper announced that she will be releasing her new project In Sexyy We Trust on May 24th but who knew that it would have a feature from Drake. And that too over the infamous ‘BBL Drizzy’ sample from Metro Boomin.

The ‘SkeeYee’ hitmaker has released the full project tonight which also features Lil Baby and Mike WiLL Made It while Tay Keith serves as the executive producer. Stream the album below and lookout for some visual treatments coming our way as well.

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Juicy J Releases New Album ‘Mental Trillness 2’: Listen

Following up strong on his 2023 release, Mental Trillness, Juicy J is back with a promising sequel. Mental Trillness 2 hit the streaming stores earlier today and is available for streaming below.

Merging elements of old school trap and phonk, the album comprises 16 tracks, boasting a runtime of 47 minutes. With the production minimal and arguably monotonous in places, it truly provides Juicy J with the avenue to rap his heart out over ample pockets and innovate more with his flows.

The album touches on themes of the daily hustle, sex, street knowledge, and nostalgia, and captivates listeners with enticing visuals as part of the artwork that is cohesively in line with the last release.


Keeping the low shutter, light movement based style of painting intact much like its prequel, the new album art is a surrealistic, almost psychedelic take on exploring dark color tones with prominent characters with blurred features. This beautifully supports the sonics of the project in terms of their darkness, with a dash of color, hope and motivation. All in all, the album as a cross-medium whole unfailingly captures the essence of the mad artist, making mad art, and we are here for it!

Oh and, if you’re a fan of visuals beyond the static art, Juicy J has you covered with a music video to compliment the release!


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Soulja Boy Apologizes to Metro Boomin; Says He Will Seek Therapy

Soulja Boy has decided to apologize to Metro Boomin for the disrespectful tweets he sent towards him the last few days.

Soulja went on an unexpected rant dragging in Metro Boomin’s mother, who was allegedly murdered by her partner. The reason was a 12 year old tweet by Metro Boomin where he made fun of Soulja Boy’s music.

After several back & forth conversations with Twitter with Metro and also 21 Savage who came to Metro’s defence, Soulja Boy has now said he’s sorry for it. He also adds that he plans to seek therapy as well as do anger management for his behavior.

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21 Savage Clap Backs at Soulja Boy for Disrespecting Metro Boomin’s Deceased Mother

Rapper 21 Savage, last seen touring and chatting it up with Nardwuar, took to X to take a stand for Metro Boomin. This comes in shortly after Soulja Boy took to X in a barrage of tweets disrespecting Metro Boomin’s deceased mother, all over a 12 year old tweet by Metro talking, albeit indirectly, down on Soulja Boy.

In what many internet users claim to be Soulja’s cry for relevance in 2024 by way of beef, Soulja went on a sudden and unexpected rant dragging in Metro Boomin’s mother, who was allegedly murdered by her husband. The reason? This (now deleted) 12 year old tweet by Metro Boomin which in all likelihood, isn’t all that deep.

Once Soulja discovered this, no insult was below the belt. When 21 Savage commented on the situation, Soulja even claimed he was ready to “slap the shit out of him (21 Savage) and Metro” and how he isn’t scared of any rapper from Great Britain.

Clapping back at 21 Savage mocking him back based on debts and net worth, the rapper then pulled out headlines showing off a million dollar payment from Warner Music.

Fuelling the petty feud, fans also fuelled the fire further by bringing up old estimations of Soulja Boy’s album sales from about a year back.

Now, whether this turns into a music beef or not, we don’t know. Although with the ongoing tensions between rappers like Drake and Kendrick, King Combs and 50 Cent, Chris Brown and Quavo, and a bunch of other rappers like Kanye, The Weeknd and more, it truly seems like it is wartime in hiphop.

The real question is, within the larger context of the world, is it really the time for hip-hop to be hyper fixated on individual tiffs? That’s a question the culture must answer for itself.

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Gunna Reveals ‘ONE OF WUN’ Album Tracklist Feat. Offset, Normani, Roddy Ricch

Gunna is set to release his new album ONE OF WUN on Friday, May 10th via Young Stoner Life Records/300 Entertainment.

Today, the rapper has revealed the official tracklist which features 10 tracks in total. Guest appearances on the project are quite limited — Offset, Normani, Roddy Ricch and Leon Bridges. Take a look below.

The Atlanta rapper dropped his latest single ‘Whatsapp (Wassam)’ last week which got lost in the traffic of the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef.

Gunna will also be touring in support of his new album this spring. ‘The Bittersweet Tour’ kicks off on May 4 in Columbus, OH at Schottenstein Center, with 16 stops across the U.S. in Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Houston, Miami and more before wrapping up with a hometown performance in Atlanta at State Farm Arena on June 11

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Top 10 Hip Hop & RnB Artists to Not Miss at The Governor’s Ball Festival 2024

The artist lineup for this year’s Governor’s Ball Festival in New York has us excited beyond belief. Boasting sixty plus top music artists from across the globe taking over three performance stages at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the biggest party in NYC is here to kick the summer off in style!

Spread out over three days, from June 7th to June 9th, 2024, the festival offers attendees the option of obtaining a day pass, as well as a 2-day or 3-day pass. But before you buy the tickets here to catch your favorite artists in action, here are the top 10 hip-hop and RnB acts we are most excited to see live (in no order).


21 Savage

If you’re a fan of new school hip hop, 21 Savage is a name that needs no introduction. However, if you’re a fan of rap and haven’t heard of the artist, being at the Governor’s Ball is sure to have you ad-libbing the phrase “twenty one” on your way back.

An unforgettable performer on stage, the British born and US raised rapper is known for his laid back delivery and smooth criminal persona behind the mic. Slick talking and going bar for bar with rappers like Drake on a mutual project, Her Loss, Savage was able to turn casual listeners into loyal fans with unforced finesse. Most recently, Savage reaffirmed his place in rap with the release of American Dream, where Savage flaunted his charm over trap heavy beats alongside artists like Travis Scott, Doja Cat, Lil Durk, Burna Boy and more.

21 Savage reflects Atlanta both in sound and spirit; As much as he is part of the South’s cultural heritage in hip-hop, Savage is also known for being a strong pillar for the local community and regularly rolls out support programs like the ‘Issa Back 2 School Drive’ and ‘Bank Account at Home’. Through community interventions like these, the rap icon equips youth with skills of financial literacy, personal asset management in times of crisis, and resources for sustained educational undertakings.



SZA Opens Up About Her Emotional Acceptance Speech at the Grammys

One of the finest artists on the TDE roster, SZA is a Grammy nominated RnB artist intent on breaking one record after another. Most recently, she became the first black female artist in music history to have an album (SOS) retain its stay in the Billboard Hot 200 for over a year. The project – just her sophomore full-length project at that, appealed to critics and the crowd alike, earning her nine Grammy nominations for the same alongside an elite singer-songwriter status in the public imagination.

Of course, this is far from a surprise when you consider her music and voice, both of which are a soul symphony – evocative and provocative at the same time. Having worked with artists like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Doja Cat, and even Kendrick Lamar, SZA’s versatility in writing and composition remains vastly unchallenged.

Her music can be deeply introspective – tackling themes of femininity, body positivity, and self acceptance, and can have a moving impact on any listener. In particular, SZA’s ability to captivate a universal audience through targeted and pointed restructuring of personal experience and narrative is what makes her stand out from the crowd. This is one artist you must not miss at the Governor’s Ball festival, NYC, for she will make you weep, welp and wonder in an experience only she can curate.


Post Malone

Home - Post Malone

Post Malone AKA White Iverson AKA Posty, is a man of many names and talents. One of the finest voices in the current era of music, Post Malone combines the soul of hip-hop with the shimmer of pop-rock persona. The result? Massive appeal from core fans across genres, worldwide.

While the pop-star’s debut 2016 project Stoney came out with heavy trap/ hip hop based influences (especially on the drums), his latest AUSTIN marks a significant departure from that influence. The newer music is more raw, unafraid in its minimalistic, atmospheric quality with a bend of live drums and emotional openness. An introvert’s superstar, Post Malone has come a long way in embracing his authentic voice – raw, often raspy, but never devoid of dynamic and tonal dexterity.

Tatted up pretty much head to toe wearing his stories on skin, Post Malone inspires pop musicians to dream differently within the space of pop-music, and to embrace their individuality of expression. He showcases an exciting mastery over the act of finding sonic parts that stick equally well like an earworm throughout different arrangements and songs. Makes sense why his music soundtracked the visuals of a rather sticky superhero – you Spiderman fans do not want to miss this performance.


Dominic Fike

Students Claim Dominic Fike Said Onstage He'd Let Amber Heard 'Beat' Him

We’re not doing right by our readers if we are mentioning a curious amalgamation of pop-rock, indie and hip hop, and not including Dominic Fike in the conversation. Well, lucky for you, we totally are.

Surviving a rather rough childhood and much of adult life marred with substance abuse, volatility and even imprisonment, Fike pushed past adversity with his voice to gain global recognition for his art. While some of you may know Fike for his compelling acting performance in the show Euphoria, Fike is a musical mastermind who intoxicates listeners with sounds of an inner rebellion and reconciliation.

A true boundary pusher, blurring lines between creativity and commercial palatability, Fike slides in and out of multiple fan bases with his double-tracked, velvety voice over rhythm guitars and a confluence of cross-genre influences. Often harmonizing over up-beat music, Fike just as easily gets deeper into his feelings without much caution. If you’re a fan of vulnerable artists authentic to their purpose, Dominic Fike is an act worth not missing out on.


Teezo Touchdown

Teezo Touchdown Has Been Around For Longer Than You Think

A punk rocker at heart in the body of a talented rapper, Teezo Touchdown (known previously as AyeTee and Teezo Suave) is an artist that has come a long way from his days of rapping on corners and sidewalks. A fresh artist blending unpredictable flows with elements from RnB, punk and hip-hop, Teezo became an undisputed collaborator of choice for artists like Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator and Doja Cat – who seem to enjoy sonic experimentation just as much as him.

Shooting to uncontested fame status post his 2019 release, ‘100 Drums’ (remixing Panic! At The Disco’s ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’) where he tackled the tough subject of armed violence in his surroundings, the rapper-producer linked with Trippie Redd and kick started a career marked with alternative fashion and musical choices in hip-hop. After all, when was the last time you saw a rapper wearing a spike-collar and bands, nails sticking out the shoes and chains around the torso? Safe to say, Teezo has vastly redefined the conventions and norms of a hip-hop based artist, from audio all the way to the visuals.

But even if you’re not a fan of hip-hop in particular, and rather enjoy bands like Green Day, Linkin Park, or 21 Pilots, this could be an act you wouldn’t want to miss either. His 2024 album How Do You Sleep At Night? With You is especially reminiscent of the aforementioned era of music and explores the complexity of love and sex with the sensitivity and rage of rock and roll.



d4vd Concert Tickets

D4VD is one of those rare contemporary RnB prodigies who made a career in music producing off his mobile phone. Yes, you read that correctly – in fact, his most famous track ‘Romantic Homicide’, which went on to cross a billion streams on Spotify alone, was produced on a phone application called BandLab and recorded in his little sister’s closet. Craziest part? He almost didn’t even release it!

Coming out of Texas with hopes of low-key being a video-game player, D4VD found the perfect creative catalyst in reading manga and watching anime – an unlikely combination that helped him reimagine what it means to be a superhero. Going from public school to homeschooling as a teenager, D4VD confronted themes of loneliness, self-perception and companionship early on – which are all themes that can be instantly identified in the mood and words of his music.

With vocals often drenched in reverb and lyrics rooted in soul and RnB, DAVD’s music engulfs and drowns the listener in a vast multitude of feelings. A catalog that will take you over songs that make you want to headbang and slow-dance per their own whims and fancies, D4VD will be a fresh treat for live audiences at the event. If his appearance on The Cave with Kenny Beats is any indication, it is that D4VD is a complete performer, duly in tune with his impulses, spontaneity and creativity.


Saint Levant

Palestinian MC Saint Levant Drops 'Deira,' Honoring Gaza With MC Abdul

Saint Levant AKA Lover Boy Levant, born to a French-Algerian mother and a Palestinian-Serbian father, is an artist who took social media by storm in recent times with his smooth RnB inspired raps and seductive lyrics. An instant fan favorite who can rap in three languages with equal eloquence and charm, Levant often writes music to make love to. That said, Levant’s music is as much political as it is personal, and oftentimes delves deeply into the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

Born in Gaza and forced to relocate after seven years to Jordan, then eventually California, Levant has been able to utilize the demand for his music to help support Palestinians by directing 100% of proceeds from merch sales to children in Gaza. Even his moniker as Saint Levant draws inspiration from the term ‘levant’, which historically denotes the areas of modern-day Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Showing up for Levant’s music at the Governor’s Ball is sure to leave you feeling the entire spectrum of human emotion and condition.



Rising Rapper Doechii Releases Bold New Single 'Crazy' | uDiscover

A rapper and singer-songwriter in equal regard, Doechii will have you stunned with catchy hooks, dance rhythms and mesmerising melodies. Having opened for Doja Cat on her Scarlet Tour, Doechii is well seasoned as a performer for large audiences and is sure to leave you jaws on the floor, gasping for breath.

Often firing off with stylistically animated vocal delivery and performance, Doechii broke into the music scene with a rather unconventional approach – with her early songs famously being under two minutes. The thematic nuance of her work ranges from talking about the struggles of functioning as an adult in childhood and parental trauma to being a figure representing young black women in an empowering light.

Best known for her hit single ‘What It Is’, Doechii has often been heard over memorable samples from hit records of the last decade in songs such as ‘A N X I E T Y’ and ‘Alter Ego’. Fans of Gotye and Ayesha Erotica are in for a pleasant surprise and sure to go dancing down the memory lane in a whirlwind of nostalgia that will make you want to groove.


Don Toliver

Don Toliver Releases New 'What You Need' Single And Video With Kali Uchis | Music News - CONVERSATIONS ABOUT HER

If the line-up so far doesn’t seem sensually charged enough already, this next artist is here to take care of you. Don Toliver, famous for his high octave vocal runs that bleed into intoxicating trap inspired beats, with lyrics serving as a tasteful tease, is nothing short of an enigma.

Incorporating the ‘Don’ in his name to represent his attitude of conquering different styles and donning different hats as a musician, Toliver first put out music at the age of sixteen. In the years since, Toliver has cemented his authentic voice in hip-hop collaborating with pioneers like Nas, and even penetrating Hollywood sync-deals in movies like Fast & Furious 9.

Further having worked with artists like Eminem, Travis Scott, Masego and Justin Bieber, the rapper has a chokehold on the hearts of many and promises to deliver an auto-tune soundscaped, almost psychedelic musical experience. If getting down and dirty to good trap is your thing, look no further!


Kevin Abstract

This is why Kevin Abstract is one of the most important openly gay music stars right now

Yep, the smooth voice behind the Brockhampton experimentalism and frenzy – Kevin Abstract is ready to grace the stage at the Governor’s Ball. Suave style of delivery filled with harmonies juxtaposed with intricate instrumental arrangement, Abstract has made hip-hop and RnB more ‘abstract’ in the best possible sense of the word.

Kevin’s music is a masterclass in revisitation and revision of his early music, in the sense that he constantly looks back at the core coming together of Brockhampton, and pushes the envelope further with his individual being. With a propensity for being deliberately abnormal in his music, his music is best described as the unending soundtrack to the lives of the ‘different’ kid – the underdog.

Sonically, his music is reminiscent of the sounds of symphony over wonkiest of bass-lines and the tightest of vocal performances. The music arrangements meander across minimalism to the lushness of synths, guitar pedals and piano laden sounds to take the listener in a loving embrace. If you’re looking to be elated, embraced and empowered through a musical experience with the most versatile of vocalists, Kevin is a treat you would want to get in line for.


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