In brand new docs,  40 claims that the girl who got broken denied he had been her pimp, and also called him a traveling friend who had "no participation in her actions." In addition, he claims there is no evidence his "buddy" was actually turning tricks.
40 Glocc insists that there wasn't any motive for him to have broken the cell phone at a prostitution sting since even the alleged hooker says he is only a friend, rather than a P-I-M-P.

When cops at Minnesota seen him fleeing the scene 40 got broken in February. Cops say he crushed against cell phones before he was detained by them, however, the rapper says that evidence he pimped.

He's asking the judge.

Not that any examples are offered by him.
Yes, she had been naked and going to straddle an undercover officer -- but 40 says she could have been doing a great deal of things apart from supplying sex ... just like a naked massage or sensual dance.

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