It is unclear why they'd do so, but that is what she is claiming. A$AP Bari, among those co-founders of this A$AP Mob, has been sued for sexual attack with a female he exposed nude in a viral movie.

He pulled off the sheets to expose her again, although she states she cried no. From the docs, she states a buddy and Bari both were documenting the scene with their mobiles. In actuality, the video taken by the buddy of Bari went before sites took all down.
She considers since she chased him before in a nightclub, she was assaulted by Bari. In the lawsuit, she states the lawyer of Bari forced her to launch a statement stating there was no attack. She is suing him and denied.

The suit filed anonymously also states that the assault occurred on July 9 at a London hotel where a few members of the Mob were remaining.  Doe, who's represented by Marty Singer, states she fled into a toilet as Bari continued crying, "I am going to f**k you, then you're likely to suck on my d**k." From the docs, she states she was scared she'd be teased and begged him to let her move. She states that he threw out her.

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