Suge Knight might be rough around but he along with J Prince and Irv Gotti had a genius idea that never happened.  Suge representing the west J Prince running the south and Irv in the east the 3 moguls were in talks to starting a black-owned music distribution company. The idea would have been very lucrative for the rap moguls and put them in the driver seat to control their own destiny but the idea evolved into a Music Union.

Hip-Hop being the top genre now surpassing country, a music union would have revolutionized the industry. Many other entertainers have a union it just hasn't been done for the music industry. The 3 moguls went as far to set down with the labor organizers who set up the union for Major League Baseball. The union would have worked a little something like this.  If you signed a million dollar contract with a label the union would have negotiated it to $1.1 million and $100k would have been paid into the union. The $100k in the Music Union your family will have health care and a 401k.

The Music Union would have provided help in getting albums released and would have provided the artist with representatives. I think the idea of a Music Union is brilliant and should still be pursued by the top rap moguls. Maybe Ice Cube and Dr. Dre to rep the west Master P and J Prince to rep the south and for the east Jay Z and P. Diddy. With the 6 business moguls, I'm sure they could change the music industry for the better and provide a lot of jobs for the community.

The Music Union business venture was cut short when Suge Knight and Irv Gotti ran into legal issues with the FBI.  J Prince wasn't free from drama he had two rogue DEA agents contracted to kill the Rap-A-Lot Records mogul.


They finally caught one of the two DEA agents assigned to take my life over a decade ago. - - - The two, Jack Schumacher and Chad Scott were both mentioned on 2 songs; ‘Look into My Eyes’ and ‘Gangsta Shit’ by Scarface. - - - We put the spotlight on these so called “Gangster DEA Agents” years ago because of their threats on my life any many other criminal acts they committed. - - - I hired an investigator to investigate Jack Schumacher and discovered that he killed EIGHT people on duty. This is highly unusual for an officer to use his weapon so many times. As an officer he was never convicted of murder and was promoted from officer to a DEA agent only to kill more. - - - So the “hitman” and his sidekick Chad Scott, were assigned to destroy me and Rap-A-Lot Records around the same time Murder Inc. and Death Row was being attacked by law enforcement agencies. - - - A decade later the Truth has come to light!!! The very thing I revealed years ago about these two agents, Chad Scott has now been indicted for! - - - Over the years he left a trail of blood and bodies by victimizing homies and becoming a criminal with a badge. Now the time has come for the victims in Louisiana and Texas to come together with any information on this scumbag to free those who’ve been wrongfully set up and imprisoned by him. - - - I wrote about all of this in detail in my book. #TheArtAndScienceOfRespect #jprince

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