Cardi B attempts to fight Nicki Minaj during fashion week... Cardi says she has put up with a lot of chatter from the Queen of rap. Cardi said Nicki crossed the line when she mentioned her family but the Young money rapper denies it. The two rappers connected at fashion week it was on and cracking. Both rappers were deep with their security team so never made contact with each other. Cardi tried to use one of her heels as a boomerang and took it off and tried to throw and clock Nicki in the head with it, that failed. During the madness of the security teams scuffle and madness Cardi B came out with a knot on her head, Nicki was untouched.

Nicki Minaj stands by her word saying she has never spoken about her family and never would. The two rappers didn't fill out a police report but Nicki has some words of wisdom for Cardi. Nicki said her money is long as we all know and she isn't one of the strippers in the club that she is used to fighting. Pink Barbie said carrying on like this will get you killed one day if she tries fighting the wrong person. Hopefully this fight that never happened is all over with and they can go back to getting money.

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