Cardi B left a sour taste in her ex-managers mouth and now Klenord Raphael(Shaft) wants to be compensated. Klenord aka Shaft claims he is responsible for Cardi B's success she achieved and then he was dumped.

Klenord claims he schooled Cardi on the music biz and navigated her relationship with Love & Hip-hop more important Shaft said his writers and producers are responsible for the mega-hit "Bodak Yellow".  According to Shaft, it was Bodak Yellow that helps secure her publishing deal worth millions of dollars and he wants his cut.

The ex-manager is also claiming defamation of character, Cardi B told her fiance that Shaft robbed her blind. Offset sent Shaft a text message "[U] better stop play acting like u don't know u taking her sh** from her u a snake. U can't hide from me N**** and u not bout to play my WIFE."

Klenord filed a lawsuit seeking $10 million dollars, a rep from his team claims "Shaft is confident that his lawsuit will validate his conduct and substantiate his legal claims."


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