Chris Browns house party takes a turn for the worse when Baylee Curran,  Miss California Regional 2016, partied at the wrong place at the wrong time. Baylee was at the house partying Chris Brown was cool Ray J showed up their was know issue until she stumbled upon the sale of jewelry and a diamond cross caught her eye. Chris Breezy out the blue went HAM on Baylee and others allegedly waving a gun telling them to get the f*uk out his house, while being escorted to her car by his goons. Chris gave her belongings back but not before trying to make her sign a non-disclosure (she refused) and she got out of their quick, Baylee contacted the authorities as soon a she was safe. The police was outside of Browns house at 3am but couldn't enter without a search warrant, Chris claims he was sleep and the allegations are false while tossing duffle bags out his window and on a wild rant on instagram. Ray J was pulled over and handcuffed when trying to leave the property and go home, police released him but decided to keep his car for evidence.

At 12:30 pm Chris lawyer arrived for legal counsel on his surrender to the police, one gun and drugs were found in the house. After the long standoff Chris was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.  Baylee Curran isn't so innocent she is wanted in New York for purse snatching after a argument in a hotel, and the girl has a restraining order on Baylee. Ray J took to instagram to give his opinion on the arrest and exaggerated story.


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