The court clerk that slipped Meek Mill an email requesting money throughout his probation violation hearing was fired. Court officials also have not said when they truly are currently assessing the sentence centered on the transgressions of their court clerk.

Court officials inform the Wanda Chavarria irretrievably spanned the line by composing in her notice she college tuition funds for her son, saying, '' "unfortunately with my bad credit, I am unable to secure a loan or co-sign a loan for my son. Anything that you can do is very much appreciated."

Attorneys for Meek assert Chavarria eased the note into Meek she had been serving as the clerk to Judge Genece Brinkley, that fundamentally sentenced Meek to 2 to 4 years in prison. Chavarria states even though Meek's attorneys say she asked for money, that the judge failed to know about the note.








We all know what she did wasn't right or professional for her line of work but I think the lady really needed the money for her son's tuition. Not only did Wanda not get the money for school but she was fired, I don't think I would have turned the letter in maybe just ignored it.

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