Dame Dash appeared on "Van Lathan's Red Pill Podcast" and gave his view of fight club crew growing up. Dame was in the group along with Jay Z, Q Tip, Heavy D and a few other names that would train and learn how to box.

Van heard the names and was surprised to hear that Q-Tip was boxing, not only was he boxing but it was said that he was nice with his hand and would knock someone out. Q being the nice guy he is just don't cross him. Van wanted to know best to the worse fighter in order so Dame got the old trainer on the phone.

Dame for some reason excluded himself from the list but it looks like Q-tip was the man with the hands and Heavy D was nice also. Dame was holding back his giggles for some reason... when Jay-Z's name came up he said he fights like Pee Wee Herman and it was all laughs from there, but he said he did get it together after a while.

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