We're told that the judge ruled after testing positive, X has been a flight hazard. DMX returns to prison -- he had been taken into custody at a Manhattan court Tuesday afternoon for failing drug tests ... a breach of his probation from his tax evasion event. DMX's attorney, Murray rich man, told me "I'm saddened and disappointed. We'll have to deal with it accordingly."  He added he will make an effort to get X help.

Even as we mentioned ... DMX was allowed to function as completing rehab while he had been on bond in his tax evasion event. He had been given any leeway in traveling for work at the time. The judge said DMX had told that a "large big lie" if he decided to his bond provisions. Something absolutely seemed off since he awakened at a St. Louis airport pub. Witnesses said he drank and purchasing photos for sponsors. Boozing can be a Treaty breach.

DMX will eat good while behind bars. For lunch -- a burger with french fries or baked potato. Gleam soy hamburger option. After the dinner bell rings ... he will find pasta marinara, spinach, and garden salad.

The MCC's been clarified as less palatable compared to Guantanamo Bay, plus it's also home to El Chapo today -- but on the positive side ... Wednesday's morning meal options include hot grits, pancakes, oatmeal and skim milk!
Good fortune fighting Chapo for the garlic bread, however

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