Drake must still be salty about Pusha T exposing his personal life to the world, on Pusha's new album he goes in on the Canadian rapper about hiding his child from the world and the porn star mom and his dads Steve Harvey suits. In the Drakes reply, he mentions Kanye's name, huh, Pusha T said he wants all the curses how dare you to mention Ye in your verses.

It seems Drake doesn't want any smoke with Pusha T, he has Rap A lot CEO J Prince telling the world he will not respond and that fine. While on tour in Chicago Drake brings up Kanye name again began singing "Know Yourself," but changed the lyrics from "Then Kanye dropped" to "Then Kanye flopped." Bottom line is Drake seems to be afraid of Pusha T... I think Drizzy talking about Ye gives Pusha the green light to release vol 2 or layer 2 I guess we will see what happens.


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