Ice Cube Teams up to buy sports TV stations

Ice Cube and LL have seemed to join forces in a bid buy sports TV stations with the likes of other powerful partners like Billionaire Alex and Carolyn Rafaelian. The partnership aims to outdo other potential heavy bidders like the equity titans, Apollo global investments and Blackstone group in the race to buy the 22 TV stations from Disney. This move comes after the officials from the Disney group were forced to sell the 22 regional channel sports by the justice dept. However, the officials also believe that they might be one of the most potent sports TV landscape if they hold up of the 22 stations since they already own the majority of the ESPN.

The 22 stations include everything from Fox sports, San Diego to Fox Sports Arizona, Fox spots southwest Fox sports Detroit and many other more. Among the 22 stations, the Yes networks take the crow as the biggest of them all; they also have the right to broadcast Yankee games unlike the others stations, based in New York, it is estimated that the station alone cost about $5 to $6 billion according to the wall street journal. The bidders are also expected to pay about $15 to $25 billion for all the 22 TV stations sold by Disney.

Sources say that the group is talking with other sports and cultural icons who have shown interest in participating in the bid, may it materialize, we will be expecting a new owner of the sports TV with some of its owners making a bold move shifting from the musical career to TV. Sports management, a step that comes as a surprise to many people especially with the coming of LL on board. The bidding process is underway, and sooner rather than later, we will see new management in the face of the 22 sports TV stations.

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