Iggy Azalea is blaming her 4 minute rant on Snapchat on strong meds that got her going HAM on Def Jam for delaying the release of her new album. The rappers new CD Digital Distortion was due to be released early this month and Iggy went to social media to vent.

“Just wanted to tell you a little story about my album pre-order, because I have no idea when it’s coming out,” Iggy said in the video, in which she used a filter which distorted her voice and face. “At first, everyone at my label was like ‘June 2nd, June 2nd! So I told everybody that. But then they’re like, ‘No, we changed our mind’. I was like, ‘OK, what’s my album date going to be?’ ‘June 30th, June 30th.’ So I did a bunch of interviews on TV, and it seemed like all the reporters knew the date June 30th. I was thinking, yay! They finally got their s**t together! They’re telling everyone a real date that we can look forward to!

“But then I went on Jimmy Fallon and I noticed him saying ‘Digital Distortion, later this month.’ What does that mean? That can’t be good. They’ve backed away from saying a real date.”

The Australian rapper called bullish*t on the excuse her label gave her for the release date, Def Jam claims the paper work isn't done and June 30 date wasn't going to happen. Iggy responded with another email pushing back at the label.

“I guess everybody at that record label just decided to ignore what I had to say, so who knows when my album’s coming out. It has been Memorial Day weekend, so they’ll probably be partying pretty hard for middle-aged white guys… I know you guys are sick of it; trust me, I’m super sick of it. I’m really over it at this point. I’ve really been trying to be sweet and super-professional the last couple of months, but … I’m at my wit’s end.”

Iggy debated on giving her fans the record label address to Picket the office but someone must of reached out and got to her because she blamed it all on strong meds from oral surgery, now I call bullsh*t, still not sure who leaked her songs.

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