Jay appeared on CNN's Van Jones series Saturday night at which he said problems such as infidelity need to be dealt with head-on, of course when they aren't that the union will blow up.

He says "For us, we opted to struggle for the love, for the loved ones, to present our kiddies different results, to violate that cycle for both black women and men."

Jay-z says he had been directly using Beyonce and coped with his adultery head to rescue his union because she had been his soul mates and it was absolutely worth fighting.
The Popular couple struck Clive Davis' pre-Grammy celebration Saturday night ... and there is no doubt their union is currently powerful.

Jay Z clarified that his thoughts ... when Sterling was thrown from his franchise, it delivered a message to racists to just continue those provocative ideas, opinions, and activities on the QT.

Jayz thinks it was a massive set back for race relations when Donald Sterling was booted as the owner of this Los Angeles Clippers due to his racist comments ... since it sends racists the wrong message.

Jay-z said, "After you accomplish this (boot him from the franchise), all the other cabinet racists just come back from the pit. You have not fixed anything. What you've done was spray cologne onto a trash can."

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