Layzie Bone and the Migos Beef Escalates

To succeed in the field of rap, one has to master the art of provoking another artist through propaganda. This is what the Migos has done by claiming that they are the most successful group that the world has ever produced. Appearing on TMZ live, Layzie acknowledged the talent of Offset and the rest of the Migos but downplayed their claim that they are the most successful rap group ever existed. He says that the request by the Migos is disrespect to the OGs and that the Migos needs to respect the elder who came before them in the game.

The native from the Cleveland claims that his group ‘Bone Thugs-N- Harmony’ has done a lot and cannot accept o be belittled at the moment. He says that the Migos have to acknowledge those who laid the foundation to the rap game. Also, he says that it is egoistic for the Migos to put the claim ignoring their mentors. According to him, the Migos ruins the rap game by belittling those who came before them which. Previously as reported by TMZ, the Migos made a claim adding that their ability and success is not questionable since they can work as a group as well as on solo projects.

During the interview in TMZ, Layzie called on the Migos to give respect to earn respect as well. In an Instagram post, he says that he accepts any challenge but cannot tolerate disrespect. He says that the Migos have to pay homage to the elders since you have to know where you came from to understand where you are going. The claim of was made by Offset and was featured in the XXL cover 2018 Winter Issue cover.

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