Master P announces mega-deal with Lionsgate studios to produce a biopic

In the latest news on the spotlight, Master P has been making the headlines with his most recent move of producing his biopic. The founder of No limit records has partnered with Lionsgate to produce the biopic, "king of the south" which would act as a representation to his musical achievements. The music mogul took to Instagram to reveal the news "Today we made history! Signed one of the biggest deals with Lionsgate for the Master P biopic, "King of the South IceCream man." The artist also went ahead to thank his associates who made it possible for the deal to be materialized as he said, "salute to the kings that came before me Lil J, Uncle Luke, and Tony Draper."

In another statement, the hip-hop rapper also said that "to be alive and partner with major film company is making history" he went ahead and added that the happening would be the first in history especially to come from the south and have a major effect to the rap game. The biopic is entailed to chronicle his childhood, adulthood and finally his journey through his musical career being that he was the founder of No limit records. Among his achievement like staying optimistic through his hustles and ambitions as well as his drive into becoming the first rapper from the south to have his music played in New York will all be captured into the biopic to make it a real-life experience.

Although he has not given a release date, many of his supporters have already taken to Instagram and other social media pages to show their support to the artist and are eagerly waiting for the release date. One of his supporters had this to say, "yea his music was dope as shit, a major factor on the tank, RIP magic, salute homie." All in all, we can wish him good luck with his biopic.

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