Nelly may be in hot water soon the rappers accuser claims that when she was raped he didn't wear a condom. The 21 year old met Nelly at a club where her and friends drank with the famous rap star and then was invited to the after party.  The young lady left the club with Nelly's peeps and they took her to the after party witch happen to be on the tour bus. The victim was taken to Nelly's room on the bus where he allegedly had sex with her and she said no.

Nelly told the 21 year old to shut up and proceeded to have sexual intercourse with no condom. Afterwards the rapper offered her money when she declined a women came and gave her the boot off the bus then tossed a $100 at her. Nelly's lawyer has hired a investigator to get to the bottom of things and he also said "She's a person who is making a dangerous, fraudulent allegation to accomplish her own goals."

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