She states that she was in "shock and dread" and he proceeded to rape her.
The litigation expects $5 mil in actual damages that are unspecified and punitive damages.

Jarosik says she met with Simmons in 2006 and they eventually become friends, sharing a passion for a vegetarian diet, yoga, and meditation.

Jennifer Jarosik asserts in a new litigation Simmons invited her to his home in 2016 and then propositioned her for sex, which she denied. She says Simmons became aggressive, as she struggled back and pushed her onto his bed, he hit her, allegedly knocked her off the bed and pounced on her.
Over a dozen women have accused Simmons of various types of sexual misconduct, '' including rape.

Jarosik says that she was rendered "sick, tired, lame, handicapped and disordered, both internally and externally and suffered from extreme emotional distress."

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