Santana Juelz Jailed for 27 Months for Carrying a Gun at the Airport

The Dipset rapper (Santana Juelz) has been slapped with a 27 months sentence for carrying a gun and oxycodone pills in his bag. He was trying to pass through the security checks when the airport's agents found a loaded gun and the pills. Juelz is reported to have fled the scene after he realized the authorities had discovered the pills and the gun. However, Juelz is said to have turned himself in after some days to the authorities. When the charges were read, he pleaded guilty of possessing the weapon illegally as well as possession of a controlled harmful substance after he negotiated a plea.

According to law, such charges attract a lengthy sentence of up to 20 years. This means that things are not that bad for Juelz since he pleaded guilty and the two years that is a relief to him. The sentenced passed also included 12-month supervision as reported by TMZ. A New Jersey judge read the charges and the sentence. In an interview, Juelz said, “so I decided to take the plea.” “I felt like it was the least selfish choice for my family. I still do not have full closure at the end of the day, since the final decision is on the judge.”
Before the sentence, U.S Magistrate Judge James B. Clark III had denied the request by Juelz to be released on bail. The Essex County prosecutors have also previously dismissed state charges and instead deferred it to the federal agency. The 36-year old will now have to face the two years in prison. It is no doubt that he will be missed by his family especially his wife whom he proposed to after the sentenced was passed.

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