Shooting on the set of rapper Tekashi69 video shoot, but the question is who was the target all 3 rappers in the video got beef with someone. The video was being shot at a Beverly Hills mansion worth $80 million with rap artist Kanye West and Nicki Minja featuring in the video. Tekashi69 is no stranger to trouble matter of fact he has been attracting a lot of heat lately, 69 was also just sentenced in a child sex case where he will only serve probation. 69's Lawyer said the shooting won't affect his probation. Then there is Kanye who has a beef with crips and who knows who else with his bromance with Trump while promoting his Make America Great Again hat. Chuck D thinks the 69 needs to find other friends beside Ye who might give the rapper better advice. Nicki Minja was on the set and one of the rooms that the bullet hit was a room for the pink barbie rapper and we all know who she has beef with.

Whoever planned this shooting had inside knowledge of the video set and times and location you got to wonder how or where they got the info from.

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