T.I. was arrested on Wednesday in Georgia while going to see Tiny and his kids at his own home, The story is a little confusing.  Tip arrived at the entrance to the neighborhood the security guard was in the booth sleeping like a baby, and he didn't even recognize T.I...  Security claims the rapper was drunk and angry but Tiny gave instructions to let him through the gate.

After being denied several times the rapper was granted access to visit Tiny and kids when the rapper decided to leave he had a run in with security again, this time they called the police. The rapper claimed they didnt want to hear anything he has to say he was going to jail.

Tip is no stranger to being booked into into jail he was calm then he had to ask who arrested me? That is when the officer said 'you were acting a fool'  T.I. denies wilding out and states he has the right to question the Security Guard at his home that he paid millions for. That is when the rapper was arrested for Simple Assualt, the security guard said he felt threatened by the rapper and he reeked of alcohol.

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