Rap artist Tekashi69 was abducted after a video shoot in Brooklyn, sources close to the rapper tell a different story from what 69 told the police. The rapper called the video shoot around 4-am then proceeded home and parked in the driveway. A car pulled behind him and boxed him in and 3 gunmen pulled the rapper from the car and pistol-whipped him tell he blacked out.  69 Woke up in the back of the car riding around with the choice of death or cash and jewelry.

The rapper and the 3 hooded men made it back to 69's house where they entered the home and retrieved about $20k in cash and $750K in jewelry.   69's baby mama and child was in the house and was unharmed, the 3 men left with the rapper in the car and when they pulled up to an intersection Tekai69 jumped out and ran. One of the guys chased him for a minute but was scared he would be seen and got back in the ride drove off.  Tekashi69 has a different story but similar... it makes the rapper look a little more tough and uncooperative with the police.


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