Trump has weaponized his twitter account and uses it to spread hatred and divide our country by targeting minorities. Recently in Alabama Trump went on records and made a ignorant comment toward the NFL and quarter back Colin Kaepernick calling for the franchise on to "FIRE THEM SONS OF BITCHES" who protest.

Jay Z declined the offer to perform at the super bowl this feb 2018 in response to Kaepernick being blackballed. Diddy let athletes know that they have a chance to do something really special during Sundays games. Seahawks, Titans and didn't come out the locker room for the national anthem along with many other teams that participated in the protest. It wasn't tell 2009 that anyone came out the locker to stand for the national anthem after the NFL was paid millions of dollars. Golden State Warriors has denied the invitation to come to the White House to meet the President and Trump went on attack mode Trashing Curry. Lebron James took to twitter to call Trump a bum along withΒ Common, Funkmaster Flex, Black Thought and Chuck Inglish have also publicly called out Trump for his statements.


Wow. This guy really don't give a fuck. If I was a black player in the NFL. There is no way you cannot feel a way after seeing this shit. Like all Colin Kaepernick did by kneeling on the National Anthem. Was bring to light that Innocent Black People are getting MURDERED by Police in America. And nothing happens. That was his message. Trumps message here is so crazy. We never had a president who cared so little about people. And is clearly a Racist Motherfucker. And is not afraid to show it. Which is making Racist people feel stronger and stronger. Roger Goodell and the NFL Owners need to say something. Or all the Black Players in the NFL need to do something. To show this piece of shit it's 2017. And US Niggas ain't having that shit like that. I told myself. No more political posts. But goddamn if this didn't make me feel a way. Like he just shitted on every black player in the NFL and basically said NIGGA STAY IN YOUR PLACE. #fucktrump AND #FUCKTHENFL IF THEY DONT DO SOMETHING. MAKING ME FEEL LIKE THE NFL IS A BIG PLANTATION FIELD. CRAZY. THATS WHY I LOVE THE NBA. ADAM SILVER I BELIEVE WOULD NOT ALLOW TRUMP TO SAY SHIT LIKE THIS ABOUT THE NBA. HE WOULD SAY SOMETHING. AND THE NBA PLAYERS WOULD NEVER LET SOME SHIT LIKE THIS SLIDE. NEVER. WHEN THEY FOUND OUT THAT THE LA CLIPPERS OWNER WAS RACIST. BANNED FOR LIFE. DONE. WAS DONE QUICK TOO. ROGER GOODELL IS WITH THE BULLSHIT.

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