Cassie Crim is utilizing her rapping skills to assist her students understand math and inspire them, developing a video of herself remixing a popular rap song.  "I simply try to link everything I do in my class room as a teacher using things that they like," stated Crim, that teaches advanced algebra and geometry in Joliet West High School.  "I managed to talk their language to break down a number of those barriers since I know a whole lot of my students in math, they fight and they despise it," Crim said.  She published the movie on social media just two days back and had more than 44,000 views by Saturday afternoon.   I don't like mathematics but you doing this movie that just inspired me to work even harder,'" she explained.   Her viral video is different than the other videos recorded last year after she and her husband were goals of a racial attack at Chicago's Margarita Fest.Her new video intends to create positive change among her pupils."At the end of the afternoon, I am in charge, I am here to assist you, just honor me, do your job, do your practices, do exactly what you have to do so that you could be prosperous," she explained.Crim took popular hip hop song Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" and rewrote the lyrics.  With the support of a college friend, she produced a video about mathematics and her goals to help students succeed.A video of a rapping mathematics teacher in Joliet has gone viral."I sensed treated in such a manner that I really don't understand that somebody shouldn't necessarily have to go through," Crim said of the incident.



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