Flashing guns and drugs in videos and social media isn't the brightest idea and it might cost rapper Young Thug some time and lots of money.  Young Thug had to dish out a lot of cash to bail out his peeps who were arrested for guns while attending a record release party. YT's people were 5 deep it was $50 bands a for the guy with AK-47 and $35k to bail the other 4 out and 2 of his people had gun permits.  To add to it YT had to put down $7k per lawyer for each goon in his click.

Word is that a member in his click ran into a police car while leaving the event which automatically triggered the search. Just when you think things couldn't be worse Young Thug has a felony warrant issued for his arrest in Georgia.

Young Thug is facing 8 felonies for drug possession the rapper had everything on him from Meth, amphetamine, Alprazolam, codeine (2 counts)  and intent to distribute meth, hydrocodone, and weed and to top it off a gun. It's not clear if he was trying to move the drugs or use the drugs but had some of everything on him. This all took place last year when YT was driving with smoked windows when pulled over for marijuana possession.

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