According to an arrest affidavit, McKinzie told police her son was being whipped by her and punishes him when he ran into the kitchen and stabbed himself. McKinzie stayed in prison Monday in an aggravated child abuse fee and bond. Her fees can change pending the medical examiner's investigation. 'All I can say is that she was a mother, and her son was her life,' said a close friend of McKinzie's who did not want to be identified. Police in Tennessee says a 10-year-old boy fatally stabbed himself while his mum was beating and choking him. The boy was a fourth-grade pupil at Cornerstone Prep-Denver Campus. Primary Michelle Lyons says counselors and police arrived at the faculty Monday. McKinzie's stated that they were in disbelief after hearing about the boy's death. Saturday afternoon, Memphis police found the boy bleeding with a cut his torso. A police report says Robin McKinzie is charged with aggravated child abuse. Jaheim McKinzie was taken to a hospital, where he was declared dead.

After learning of the horrible circumstances surrounding his death Rapper Yo Gotti has provided to help pay for the funeral costs for the boy.The hitmaker was heartbroken from the incident, and it has reached out to the child's relatives according to his manager.It is not known how much actual name Mario Mims, Yo Gotti, will contribute to the cause.

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