YES! YES! YES! The 2K franchise has done it again with WWE 2K20. If you haven’t seen the ballroom commercial with Becky Lynch ‘breaking through the glass ceiling’ you are missing out on how much influence this rendition of 2K20 will have on the industry. The emphasis on the women is evident in this game. We’ll talk more about it when we showcase the top five reasons to get out and buy this game – immediately.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! WELCOME, to the evolution of the WWE2K franchise. Make your choices wisely in what you decide to do with your character. Develop you male and female characters on the road to glory. Be the GM and make the WWE reflect your vision. As a fellow mark, I know i’ll be making things happen. Find me online, when you think you’re ready to catch the smoke. AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE! PSN: RyanC34. We can run it! 

For more info and to purchase your own copy, CLICK HERE!

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