Listen to Juice WRLD’s New Song ‘Come & Go’ with Marshmello

A few days ago, it was announced that Juice WRLD’s posthumous album Legends Never Die will release this Friday, July 10th.


A new single ‘Life’s A Mess’ featuring Halsey was also shared with fans. Tonight, we get more new music from the talented Chicago crooner. This time, he collaborates with multi-genre producer Marshmello on the upbeat ‘Come & Go’ which you can listen below.

“Watching you take breaks to do wheelies on your dirt bike and then come back and finish a whole song in one take was normal and to be able to be on this album with you and show the world what we made together means so much to me,” said Marshmello about the song and collaborating with the versatile artist. “You were a great person and I miss you everyday man. You will live forever through your music.”
This sounds like it could become a hit. RIP Juice WRLD.

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T.I. Claps Back at ‘Watermelon Head’ 50 Cent Over Verzuz Challenge

The saga continues.
After their proposed Verzuz beat battle, T.I. and 50 Cent continue to trade shots. While 50 has not officially accepted Tip’s challenge, he did address the potential matchup by reposting a decade-old video of T.I. promoting the Crime Stoppers hotline.
“Why you make me do this Neega @michaelblackson voice,” 50 captioned his Instagram post before revealing the first song he would play, G-Unit’s “You So Tough.” “This the first song i’m a play you so Tuff T.O.S.”

It didn’t take long for T.I. to clap back, taking 50’s response as an acknowledgement that he was ready to battle. “I’ll take this as an acceptance of this catalog challenge. YEEESSSSSIR-SKI‼️” said the King before tagging Verzuz creators Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. “WE GOT HIM‼️ HE BIT THE BAIT‼️”
He continued to take aim at his rival with a series of insults. “SET THIS SHIT UP SO I CAN FINALLY SHUT THIS WATERMELON HEAD,INVISIBLE NECK ASS NI**A UP ONCE AND FOR ALL‼️” added Tip.
The Atlanta rapper also addressed the Crime Stoppers clip, once again denying that he ever cooperated with the feds and snitched. “As far as this clip goes…it’s cute… old,outdated,& in poor taste (much like your catalog @50cent),” he said. “However I prefer FACTS‼️ AND THE FACT REMAINS….I HAVE NEVER GIVEN ANY INFORMATION TO ANY FORM OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AT ANYTIME IN LIFE TO GET ANYBODY ANY TIME FOR ANY CRIME‼️”
In his post, he questioned if 50 was a snitch. “Supreme told me to ask @50cent if he can say the same???” asked Tip.
Now that he has 50’s attention, he’s ready to battle “Da Bully.” “Let’s set this date & select ya songs off that 1hot album you got & let’s lay your lil overrated, outdated, steroid inflated ass catalog to rest,” he told his rival. “RIP to @50cent catalog 🙏🏽 I seen you bully all them NY ni**az for years… 👑NOT DA KING THO NIGGA👑‼️”

Boosie Lets the Emotions Flow on “One of Them Days Again” ft. Mo3

OnlineCrates7 hours agoBoosie lets his homie Mo3 shine on "One of Them Days Again"There's no doubt Boosie has always had an emotional connection to the streets and his new single "One of Them Days Again" is no different. Check it out as speaks to his trials and tribulations that he's faced in the game over the years. From prison to beefing with Webbie recently, Boosie has made it through a lot over the years fighting diabetes and shady people that don't really care for what he's actually going through.

Lil Wayne Releases Epic “Glory” Visual With Wolves, Mountains and Lightning

OnlineCrates8 hours agoLil Wayne has bars that are on another level with his "Glory" singleSome would say that we as a culture are in a return to our roots. Well, Lil Wayne takes that to all new heights with a truly artistic and nature inspired visual where he absolutely devours the beat like he always does. Mind blown and outta there Wayne enters the Matrix towards the end of this track truly delivering bar after bar after bar. "I Got Em," Wayne says... Yup Wayne got 'em with this one.

H.E.R. Drops Reggae Track ‘Do to Me’

7.8.2020 New Music

H.E.R. brings the summer vibes with her new single “Do to Me.”
Over a nostalgic reggae groove, which borrows from Chaka Demus & Pliers’ “Murder She Wrote,” the Grammy-winning songstress serenades her lover. “I love the way you touch me, hold me, make me wanna sing / Drive me crazy with everything,” sings H.E.R. “Do to me, do to me, do to me, do to me, yeah.”
“Do to Me” follows “I Can’t Breathe,” which she released on Juneteeth in response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other Black lives lost to police brutality. She performed the song during the The Roots Picnic last month.
She also recently collaborated with Jhené Aiko on “B.S.” and Skip Marley on “Slow Down,” which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Adult R&B chart.

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Gucci Mane Throws the Alley Oop to Pooh Shiesty and Foogiano With Two New Videos

Gucci Mane has been a busy man, with a new project out titled Gucci Mane Presents: So Icy Summer, the project is deep with 24 cuts so there's no doubting Gucci's work ethic during this COVID-19 shutdown. Highlighting the talent on this 1017 Records imprint and mixing in some big features, Gucci Mane drops two new visuals with Foogiano and Pooh Shiesty, tune in above and below, Gucci is everwhere!​

Cash Money's Fat Yunginn and Fellow Texas Star Yella Beezy Release “Show My Ass”

Recently Cash Money Records/UMG signee Fat Yunginn delivered his new video for the song, "Show My Ass" featuring fellow Dallas, Texas rapper, Yella Beezy. Flaunting fast cars, women and of course sacks of money, Fat Yunginn continues to put himself on everyone's radar going into the Summer months. "We shot the video last year around this time and we kind of held on to it. There's a food fight scene in the mansion with some ladies and then we got a scene where me and Yella Beezy are racing cars. He was in a Hellcat and I was in a Charger. We were just doing it for fun, but there were some females out there, and we were showing off," Fat Yunginn said.  "It's a great opportunity being with Cash Money. I always wanted to sign with them as a kid and just to be a part of them now it's an honor. I always liked their music videos and songs and I'm rapping about the same stuff they were - it's the same lane of music they were dropping in the 90's and 2000's just with a new twist. They supported me when I dropped my single on all the platforms under Cash Money and now with the Show My Ass challenge they've been really helpful getting that going."
The song and challenge come on the heels of a string of successes for the young Texas upstart who has graced the pages of AllHipHop after his hometown newspaper the Dallas Observer announced his signing to Cash Money Records / UMG. 
"Things have  been going good despite COVID-19, we are getting ready to start the #ShowMyAssChallenge and then we got the #ShowMyCash challenge for the fellas. We got the song on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and all the platforms, we are ready to go. When the females win they get $1000, but for the males you get a post on IG and we gonna help them go viral," Fat Yunginn said laughing.  
While COVID-19 has posed a host of problems for rappers like Fat Yunginn, he has found ways to keep the fans engaged despite losing out on show money every day that the clubs and bars are closed.
"They opened the clubs and strip clubs, but they just closed them back down. I had just got booked for a show out here, but with the COVID-19 thing we are back on shutdown. We started back going and they had released us for a month and I had a show right away, now we are shut down. We have just been coming up with stuff online to keep the fans interacting. I was supposed to perform on the 4th of July, but it wasn't meant to be."
Despite the slowdown, Fat Yunginn has been steady at work putting the finishing touches on his album Sack Season that will be available for fans later this year. 
"Show My Ass will be on the album Sack Season and it's gonna be one of the singles on there. It's got Yella Beezy on there and it's a single for the city and basically Texas - the fans were asking for it so we gave it to them. The music video has been out for a bit, we got on Revolt, BET, MTV so we are going to mix that and start the challenge. We got on a good number of mixshows in Houston and Atlanta, so I think the fans are going to respond well."

Problem Talks ‘Coffee & Kush’ & Short Film “A Compton Story”

Problem is here to represent for Compton in all facets of his life. The West Coast rapper exploded onto the scene with his viral single “Like Whaaat,” which hit functions and radio airwaves all around the country. Pushing his Diamond Lane imprint with each release, Problem, real name Jason Martin hasn’t let his foot off the gas pedal in the slightest.
Most recently, Problem released his first project in 2 years titled Coffee & Kush Vol. 1, two things that are sentimental to him and who he is in today’s climate. Switching his former old habits which included late nights in the studio and reckless partying, he now shifts his focus to the morning time — creating new tunes as a byproduct of both coffee and marijuana.
Additionally, he released his short film "A Compton Story," which he wrote, directed, and produced. Guest appearances include everyone from Snoop Dogg to Mike Epps to Jackie Long, with behind-the-scenes collaborations with Xzibit, DJ Pooh, Terrace Martin, and TDE’s Punch Henderson.
AllHopHop caught up with Problem to discuss his recent sentiments to the protests happening around the world, the meaning behind Coffee & Kush, his new Green Hour Coffee business, what he plans to do for "Compton," his short film, and more!
[embedded content]
AllHipHop: Thoughts on the current state of the world?
Problem: I hate that it took something so heinous for all of us to get the recognition we’ve been getting as a people. I’m glad the younger generation is seeing a more proactive version of minorities. I’m glad it’s not just us outside protesting, it’s everybody outside. It’s not black people tired of injustice, the world is tired of it. I’m more for the beauty of all of it than anything. I’m seeing we’re taking something so dark, now a lot more positive things are happening because of it.
AllHipHop:: Just you having kids, the general concern for them and their future.
Problem: Yeah, I talk to them in a different manner anyway. I’m really truth-oriented with them because with social media, you can Google anything. There’s no point in lying to children, you might as well keep it as 100 as possible. Tell them the truth because they can go find out the information so fast. Being as 100 as possible with my feelings and what I feel constantly, we have our own group chat where I send them things I need them to see. It’s actually gotten us closer because everybody’s minds aren’t moving on what they’re on.
AllHipHop:: How old are they now?
Problem: S##t my youngest is 4, and my oldest is 20. I started kind of young.
[embedded content]
AllHipHop:: Congrats on the release of Coffee & Kush! How’s the fan reception been?
Problem: It’s dope, I love it. I love all the calls I’ve been getting. I know I’m beginning a new direction. I’m building something up, I’m excited. I’m really excited about the first steps in a new direction, meaning doing something that I want to do. Not being worried about any rules, any past history or performances. Moving forward in a whole other direction, this feels a lot better.
AllHipHop:: Being independent, you’ve had the luxury to be able to drop and do what you want creatively?
Problem: This is different because even with that, it’s such a numbers-based business. With us seeing a lot more of the profit than labels, we don’t have to really sell as much but we still want to be competitive with what you do and what you’ve done. This project was totally different, there’s an end goal to this that people will see towards the end. We’re at the very beginning of the Coffee & Kush situation.
AllHipHop:: What was your decision to call it Coffee & Kush?
Problem: It created a balance. The fact that coffee is the extreme energy, and kush is more of the calming, it creates this balance I was looking for musically, physically, personally, religiously, everything. When I was recording music for the project, I’d get up and walk to a coffee shop every morning. At 8:30am, I’d have my coffee and my weed. What am I going to call it? What am I doing? s##t, let’s call it what it is: a byproduct of coffee and kush.
AllHipHop:: Every morning, 8:30am?
Problem: I changed my whole process. You know me, I was in the studio: a lot of late night sessions till the morning. I did the complete opposite. I didn’t record it in an actual studio, I recorded it on a balcony outside. If you listen, you’ll hear birds and windchimes. It’s on purpose. I had a ritual, for 3 months I’d do this every morning from 8:30am to 12pm. These are more my morning thoughts, that’s why you get a more introspective look and view on how I see things. My nighttime views are “aight we on. We made it through the day, feeling good.” In the morning, everything is “okay check on this, make sure this is okay. My feelings, my lady, my body, my mind,” that’s why you get a different type of music.
AllHipHop:: Do you still record at night, or do you only do mornings now?
Problem: I do them all day. Right now, I’m doing some voiceover stuff for Vol. 2. I’m liking the daytime recording now, I like my evenings to be for me. It’s dope. It’s crazy how I didn’t even notice that my pattern was this late night thing until I stopped. You wake up at 2pm, 12pm, 3pm, damn I’m getting started at 5pm or 6pm. The whole world’s shutting down, I’m missing out on a lot of information. Being up that early, waking up at 6am and walking, it changed everything. It helped me focus a lot, my business is a lot better. Everything’s a lot sharper. Hopefully the music hits people.
AllHipHop:: On the intro track, you say “the streets will quickly show you love but they don’t f##king love you.” Can you expand on that?
Problem: When you wake up in the morning and you’re going through the Gram, you see and notice different things. Me thinking back on my career; everybody’s quick to show you love when things are going well. But when things are in that tricky middle part, it's really tough for people. Not artists, not me, but for people. You have to understand what it is. When you’re poppin’, everybody’s going to show you love. That doesn't mean they love you, so don’t put that much into it. Don't make that part of your process on if you’ll keep going or not.

AllHipHop:: “Where I Come From” touches on how people can have a perception of you given your past. What were you going through when you recorded this?
Problem: I know it’s tough for people to see past my wins. Diamond Lane, we’ve had a great run of turning people up and having real Platinum records that had the parties going crazy. Have us in the most ratchet situations ever. It’ll be tough for you to forget that. I don't want you to forget that, but understand there’s growth happening as well. That's with the good and the bad. I used to do my thing out there with the women, dabbled with a lot of drugs. When you see somebody doing the complete opposite, it's not that they don't believe you, it’s not what they’re accustomed to. Because I did that before, doesn’t mean I want to do that again.
AllHipHop:: First album in 2 years, why is that?
Problem: I spent last year working on everything. I didn’t know COVID was coming, but I had a plan to work a lot smarter in 2020. I wanted to be far more prepared than I’ve ever been. I took a lot of time in getting the music right, finding the right place business-wise, shooting my short film, getting the coffee situation. I did a whole lot of rebuilding and restructuring to be ready for this year right here. I didn’t want to rush it because I ended up going on tour. Shout out to Xzibit, I went to go see the world. We did 31 dates, amazing. My first time performing overseas in my entire career.
AllHipHop:: Really, in your entire career?
Problem: I have a whole other perspective on a lot of things, a lot of people in this business. I know not to dwell on nothing, I don’t like to get on people. I know I’ve helped a lot of people get into good situations music-wise, in their business. The fact that Xzibit’s the first person to ever take me on tour, it said more about him than me speaking on what that was about. I appreciate the f##k out of him for that. I did Coffee & Kush before I went. When I played it for people, they’re looking at me like I was crazy. “What is this s##t? What’re you talking about, coffee and kush don't even go together.” I hadn’t even been to the Netherlands or Amsterdam yet. When I got there, it’s confirmation like “man I knew I wasn’t crazy. This s##t sounds like this out here.” I was born in Germany, but I hadn’t been back. I got to Germany like “whoa, this is where I did my first year and a half living. This is why I am different than everybody else.” It was dope to see.
AllHipHop:: I’m surprised the Like What days didn’t bring you overseas?
Problem: Yeah, it’s crazy. I got my passport a little after that. We were a victim of looking like we didn’t need help. Diamond Lane perception is we’re going to do it ourselves, do it our way with our cash. In some ways, that may have scared people away like “well they got it.” We were young new n##gas in the business, figuring how to do it. That’s all over now. Right now, I’ve never had this many fans overseas ever. I’m seeing my spikes, my streams shoot up crazy.
AllHipHop:: Talk about your coffee brand Green Hour Coffee.
Problem: I’m partnering with my boy Brandon, real special black kid from LA. I said “man we need to do a coffee delivery business.” I wanted to take similarities from the Mollywood days and put it in this Coffee & Kush thing. The molly went crazy in the city, everybody’s buying molly and was part of that wave. Well the good thing about that is having a product, let's have a product for this one. If I'm creating what this Coffee & Kush world is in America, why not have my own coffee to grab? Why not have my kush? My hope is to make it the Ciroc in the coffee world, that fly urban coffee where we could give other artists their own flavors and make it really big.
AllHipHop:: What was the highlight in shooting The Compton Story? He produced, wrote, directed and starred.
Problem: Shout out to JoshyGonz, he directed and edited it with me. Incredible kid. That’s my guy, he’s done most of the visuals I’ve been dropping. He’s that eye I wouldn't see things at. Started a film company, 50Million Media. Went through the whole process of trying to write scripts, trying to figure out how to invade the business because I didn’t know anything about it. I woke up one day like “f##k that, I’m finna shoot something.” I’d been working on music, so let’s take 7 or 8 of these and write a story around them. We could put it together and come up with something dope. I watched Purple Rain and I watched Friday, 2 movies I was trying to combine. Nobody would expect me to drop a comedy anyway, that’s totally out the box. Especially in a Compton story, you think it’s about to be this shooting like bang bang thing, you actually get a real family story actually. These are all my friends, this is what happens in a day with Problem. We’re about to shoot episode 2.
AllHipHop:: You got Snoop Dogg, Mike Epps, Jackie Long ,talk about the people who come through for you.
Problem: That’s a blessing man. It started off really small and as it kept going, it got bigger each day. A lot of different reasons why. Mike Epps was in it because one of my other partners couldn’t make it that day, it was weird. Jackie Long was in it because somebody else couldn’t — it was a lot. Once we tell this backstory of how I put this together and how we did it, it shows we’ve been sticking together for a long time. I appreciate all of them for taking time to help me.
AllHipHop:: What’s your greatest memory from shooting?
Problem: My lady crashing the Lamborghini was the funniest part. [laughs] She backed it into a pole. At the time, I’m the irresponsible one in the relationship. While I’m shooting, she wanted to help me through it and be supportive. She’s like “I’ll move it to where you need it to go while you’re doing what you’re doing.” She said “I’ma bring it around,” I guess she doesn’t see that she’s backing into a pole. I’m like “AHH AHH,” but the engine’s so loud, she can’t hear. She felt so bad, she’s like “I’m sorry, I know it cost.” I said “don’t even worry, as long as you’re alright.” She does so much good for me, I can’t even be mad over accidents. It was dope, that’s the funniest s##t ever.

AllHipHop:: What does having a “Lamborghini” mean to you?
Problem: To me the “Lamborghini” was a title to get people to come check it out. The story’s really about how us men, we can’t keep getting into it over small things. The Lamborghini represents fame and popularity. That s##t will blind you sometimes, your morals and ethics would be lost. This a story of “hey bro, chill out. Let's talk everything out.” Let’s not let that get in between what's really real because you have to talk. You have to communicate. “b##ch I need a motherf##king Lamborghini” makes anybody want to come see what's going on, then I sneak some messages in there.
AllHipHop:: Was there a time in your career where you fell victim to buying material things?
Problem: Hell yeah, definitely. I was the guy popping the most bottles, the ring, the watch, the whole thing. s##t I won't stop anybody from going through that phase, it's beautiful. It’s a point to go through. For me now, I want to minimize my spending. I want to do other things with whatever capital I bring in off of what we’re doing, so many other things I want to do that would maybe later equate to me buying a private jet or something. We’re going to get on a Green Hour PJs, it’ll be lit. [laughs]
AllHipHop:: What does it mean to give back to your city through the arts?
Problem: I’ve been figuring out a way to invade that humanitarian space without being corny, without doing something that doesn’t seem true to my heart. Not doing something because it's a fad. I thought about what I wish I had that would’ve sped up my creative process, which is opportunity in arts. I had a studio around the corner but at school, we didn't have a music program to teach digital software, to teach engineering, to teach music business etiquette, to teach deejaying. Instrumentation was really for band members, it wasn’t for anybody to learn how to play.
I talked with Terrance like “man let’s bring on some companies and see if we could do drive bys on some students, see what we could offer.” We put together ideas in the beginning stages. I talked to Ms. Aja Brown, mayor of Compton, about the Compton Walk of Fame we’re trying to put together. Add more positive spaces instead of “let's fight gangs and poverty.” Let me attack the spirit, let's put some flowers in this motherf##ker. Let's add some music instruments into the city. Let's show that people came from here and have done positive things in the world.
AllHipHop:: What's new with Diamond Lane?
Problem: We’re on our second decade, which is crazy. I’m ready to be done as far as the artist stuff. Not putting out music, but the albums. The whole process. I got two more I’ma let loose before this year’s over, but I plan on passing the baton to Airplane James. He’s the one, he’s going take this into where it's supposed to be. His story’s different. His skill level is really high, his work ethic’s higher than that. We’re ready. Bad Lucc is about to tamper into some whole other lane of things, so we’re still moving.
AllHipHop:: Anything else you want to let us know?
Problem: Go get Coffee & Kush, enjoy it. Go to , check out our CBD options. Check out the regular options. Tune in for more on what we’re doing. Shoutout to Rostrum Records too.

6ix9ine Reveals Final Message From XXXTentacion

XXXTentacion shared some powerful words with 6ix9ine before his tragic death.
Tekashi was contacted by XXX while he was serving time in prison on racketeering charges. During an Instagram Live session this week, the “Trollz” rapper shared the contents of X’s final DM to him. “When you get out, move smarter, more patient, and more relaxed,” read one message. In a second DM, he added, “Yo, be safe, OK? Never let your guard down.”
6ix9ine took X’s advice to heart. “X was looking out for me, telling me, ‘Yo, move smarter.’ Matter of fact, X said this: ‘Don’t let your guard down,'” he said.

His cautionary words hit home for 6ix9ine, who beefed up his security, saying other rappers may have been alive if they had done the same thing. “Same thing with Pop Smoke, Nipsey Hussle. You don’t move with security, you’re pussy. You need to change the fu**in’ game,” he said. “If you with security doesn’t make you pussy, it makes you smart. If X, who’s my friend, woulda had security, we would’ve had a legend in the making still living.”
6ix9ine is currently on house arrest, which is slated to end in the next month. “Picture the noise I’m gonna make when I’m outside,” he recently told fans.
XXXTentacion was shot and killed in June 2018 as he was leaving a motorcycle dealership in Pompano Beach, Fla. A grand jury indicted four men on first-degree murder and armed robbery charges in connection with the crime.

Summer Walker Reveals Artwork, Release Date, Tracklist for New EP ‘Life on Earth’

UPDATE (July 8): Summer Walker has revealed the tracklist to the EP through an innovative Instagram filter.


Life on Earth Tracklist (via Rap-Up):

1. Let It Go2. SWV with NO1-NOAH3. My Affection with PARTYNEXTDOOR4. White Tee with NO1-NOAH5. Deeper
Summer is also hosting a drive-in listening experience at a UFO crash landing site in Atlanta where fans can get an early listen to the EP.
Previous story (June 29):

Last month, Summer Walker teased fans that she will be releasing a new EP by writing the caption “EP coming soon babies.”
Following last night’s stunning performance of ‘Session 32’ and ‘Come Thru’ with help from Usher, the singer has formally announced that she will be releasing the EP titled Life on Earth on July 10th. Check out the official artwork below.

We don’t know how many songs we are getting but it will be nice for fans to receive new music before she goes into her sophomore LP. Back in February, she had social media talking after she hinted at retirement from music. “Lol I’m deada*s never making another song after 2020,” the singer announced via her Instagram story. We’re glad that she has changed her plans.

AllHipHop Presents: “10 Steps to NOME X” featuring Loaded Lux

When people talk about Mt. Rushmore of battle rap, there are a few names that people can debate. However, there is one name that continues to rise above the rest.Beloved.
Loaded Lux did not create battle rap, but what he has offered to the culture as an innovator, a thinker, a businessman, and an artist has transformed it as an art — helping to attract its most celebrated talent to the commercial leagues that matter the most.
Before he was the founder of the Lions Den/ Lionz Den, he wrecked the streets of Harlem spitting fire against best lyricists that the hood would regurgitate. But out of that cut-throat pool of emceeing, emerged a god-tier persona that worked to develop the culture in ways comparable to that of URL’s Smack (where he also performed as an artist and where many outside of New York saw first).

The difference? Smack had a distribution model with his DVD series. What did Lux have? Handsome had a charisma that attracted talent to the collective … wanting to align themselves with him … and establish legitimacy by basking in his professional aura. Had it not been for his scouting ear, the world would have waited much longer to experience the great talents of Goodz, Arsonal, Tay Roc, Charlie Clips, and Head Ice. Try as you might, over the last 20 years, Lux has made the craft, business, and artistic expression of battle rap performance elevate.

That is why NOME X will be a special event for fans.
The man that many consider the Greatest of All Times, will stand before a competitor that not only was influenced by Farrakhan’s favorite emcee — but believes it is just as important for his legacy to show us as it is for the pioneer. Lux versus Tsu Surf will be not only a battle for legacy but will shift cultural dynamics. If Surf has it his way, his swan song from battle rap will be with the head of this icon on a platter.
Lux is not ready to give him this distinction, especially for a battle he never even thought about until recently.
“The battle came up last year. It was coming off of Summer Impact. It was supposed to be the two-on-two, Gun Titles vs. Loaded Hollows. And that never happened because of a situation that he was in. When that didn’t happen, I guess he felt like he still wanted a shot. Shortly after that, he was just talking crazy, throwing shots. I’m not mad.”

Lux describes the energy around Summer Impact as a “grand moment.” It set the stage for a contest to happen between Lux and Surf, and surprisingly despite the vet having his eye on new talent never considered Surf as a potential opponent.
“He came on my radar, for real for real, after Summer Impact. When that didn’t happen or take place, that’s when I caught him going back and forth in interviews. He was throwing shots. I recall that I was in an interview and he had called up (Three Letterman) and then from there he was patched in. That’s when I really realized that he ‘really wants some smoke.’”

“Before then, it wasn’t really nothing. I just appreciated him and everything that he brought to the table as a talent. When we first saw Tsu Surf, we thought he was grand and held him in high regard. And we knew he was one of the ones that could be a formidable participant in the culture. That was actually a while ago when we gave him that look. I just appreciate what he was doing, but he wasn’t on my radar. I look at Surf as a little brother.”
“You watch certain talents when they enter the culture and you are like, ‘Yo that is a beautiful thing.’ Because you know what they bring to the table will make other people tune in because of where they are at.”
So when Surf called him out, did the vet take it as a form of disrespect? No. In classic Lux way, he shares that he is simply “blessed to be in the conversation.”
Lux has been in the conversation a lot. Last year at NOME 9, he battled against Aye Verb. Aye Verb had been on a roll after battling Murda Mook, another pioneer than many consider the historical Ishmael to beloveds’ Isaac. The two had danced in epic form, with many believing Mook advanced as the victor. However, many revere those battles as an exhibition sport, believing the win doesn’t matter as much as the epic performance. That also can be said about his back and forth with Verb.

A preference battle at best, Lux’s intricate mind dispensed some of the most entertaining yet thought provocative bars of the year:
“Damn Verb, look what you did what you did wit' ya shot
They gon' give me all the photo cred' but all I caught was the body...
Yeah some niggas don't get the picture 'til it's cropped
Top- layers they put you in, that's from all that bitchin' you do a lot
If you got through the tiers flippin', I should flop
Word Verb, you 'bout that action for traffic and then it stops
I'm a mind reader
You gon' be time keepin' the timekeeper
This should've been unlimited but it's not
You'se a tricky nigga got 'em to get the clicker on paper put a hold (hole) on me like a ticket clipper
This what you picked, you forgot?
After that 2019 battle, he hopped on the aforementioned Summer Impact card, wherein that battle (despite Surf not performing) an extraordinary feat was accomplished as he single-handedly made a debatable with the replacement team, Gunz N Cake. The Gray Hoodie Lux had emerged from the early 2000s and that wet the whistle for Surf, priming him to take shots.
“I am supposed to have shots taken at me. This is a sport. If we ain’t got that type of energy and you don’t want to execute on that level then you don’t need to be in this.”
He adds that the shots are expected, but you have to have the skin for it.
“This sport is contention driven. You come in here and you better want to be the best and you better want to take on the best. If you don’t feel like you can take on a name, then don’t do this. Get out the way.”
But what is the Gray Hoodie Lux? The Gray Hoodie Lux is more edgy and street driven. He is more raw.

“As I evolved and elevated, my conversation changed at times. I became more aware of the different lanes that I wanted to take and wanted to work in. But people fell in love with us on the come up, that raw edgy and street. When you look at Surf’s background and you see what he brings to the table, it is that element. And that actually is a beautiful energy.
Really what people are tuning into, they are engaged in the energy. That’s a beautiful thing to want. That’s what he wants from me. When you look back at anything regarding Gray Hoodie Lux and that mind-state and element look for the raw-edgy energy. It is driven from the heart and the street.
Both emcees are magical, and with the star-studded roster of competitors, many wonder if Lux is coming in for the kill. They ask, “if this is going to be a slaughter or a classic battle?”

Loaded Lux
“I believe what is most important is that we show up as our best selves that we can possibly be. After that, we can leave on the table. I believe me as a professional is important that I be the best Loaded Lux that I can be every time I show up. If Tsu Surf be the best Tsu Surf, and I be the best Loaded Lux, we cannot help but be a classic, after that … it is opinionated.”
While everyone will have their respective opinions, there are some things that Lux wants people to lock in on to best enjoy NOME X.
“This is a beautiful time of balance. NOME is typically done in a big stage-driven, but this is a humbling moment. Fundamentally, it is asking that we just get back to basics. Fans will learn to receive the content a little differently. When I look at the last Summer Impact, which was beautiful, it was show driven. This brings it back to the content in terms of lyricism and people having to perform under these different spaces. It gives the fans a chance to really listen and a sense of balance.
All praises due to the Most High, for this to still take place shows how important battle rap is to the Hip-Hop community.
To add on to Lux’s statement, for so many to be locked into his battle, it shows how important Lux remains in the Hip-Hop community.

Kid Cudi Announces New Single with Eminem

The Moon Man and Slim Shady are teaming up.
Kid Cudi has enlisted Eminem for his new single “The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady,” which drops Friday. Cudi’s daughter Vada shared the big news with her father’s 2.3 million Twitter followers on Wednesday.
“I’m here to say that my daddy’s new single ‘The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady’ is coming out on Friday. Check it out!” said Vada in the video clip.

Cudi previously tried to reach out to the “Rap God” via social media in May. “@Eminem rap God. Help!” he tweeted.
Em said he was unaware that Cudi was trying to contact him when he spoke to Lil Wayne on Young Money Radio, but it appears that they finally connected.

Cudi previously dropped his hit “The Scotts” with Travis Scott, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Prior to that, he released “Leader of the Delinquents,” his first solo release since 2016’s Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’.
He is now readying his seventh studio album, Entergalactic, inspired by his upcoming adult animated music series for Netflix. He is teaming up with “Black-ish” creator Kenya Barris on the show.
He and Kanye West are also working on an animated series based off their Kids See Ghosts album. Last month, they shared a trailer for the Takashi Murakami-directed show.
Additionally, Cudi is set to appear in HBO’s coming-of-age series “We Are Who We Are,” which debuts in September.

Kid Cudi Announces ‘The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady’ Single with Eminem

Well, this came out of nowhere. Kid Cudi has announced that his new single titled ‘The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady’ features none other than Eminem.


Back in May, the singer-rapper had tweeted Eminem with “rap God. Help!” and many thought something was probably brewing between the two. However, this announcement certainly comes as a big surprise.

The message was delivered by Cudi’s daughter Vada on his Instagram. The song drops this Friday, July 10 but there’s no word if it’s taken from his forthcoming album Entergalactic. Last month, he announced that he was starting his own podcast.

Summer Walker Reveals ‘Life On Earth’ Tracklist

4 mins ago News Tracklistings

On Friday, Summer Walker is set to return with her new EP Life On Earth.
Ahead of its release, the R&B songstress has shared the tracklist. Executive produced by Summer, the five-song set features PARTYNEXTDOOR, who appears on “My Affection,” as well as two collaborations with NO1-NOAH. She revealed the tracklist with a custom Instagram filter that unveiled the track titles when you pointed your phone in the sky.

Tonight, Summer is hosting a drive-in listening experience at a UFO crash landing site in Atlanta where fans can get an early listen to the project.
Life On Earth marks Summer’s first project since her record-breaking debut Over It, which topped the charts in October.
Life On Earth Tracklist
1. “Let It Go”2. “SWV” with NO1-NOAH3. “My Affection” with PARTYNEXTDOOR4. “White Tee” with NO1-NOAH5. “Deeper”

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Philippine Rapper Yung Rizzo Is Heating Up With “Still Here”

Yung Rizzo of Fly High Music Group recently dropped his latest single “Still Here” and it's a smooth joint featuring a cool sample and consistent but not over the top rhymes. The song features witty punchlines and brings an classic throwback vibe that engages listeners, but we gotta say this visual has all the Summer vibes we need right now on lockdown and makes us like the song more. Upon its release, Spotify editorial added the song to official playlists such as New Music Friday, OPM Rising, Bago Sa Rap and Pinoy Rap. The music video segments footage of his performances while touring internationally. “Still Here” has generated over 250,000 streams to date and made its debut on the Spotify Philippines Viral 50 chart on June 27, 2020.