Kodak Black + Keyshia Ka’oir Shout Out Gucci Mane On His 40th Birthday: “My Fine A** Husband”

Florida rapper Kodak Black is putting big respect on Gucci Mane‘s name despite being behind bars. The hip-hop star has managed to salute Guwop on his milestone born day.

Big Facts: On Wednesday, KB hit up Instagram to acknowledge Gucci’s 40th birthday.

Kodak Black wishes Gucci Mane a happy birthday 🎉💯 @KodakBlack1k @gucci1017— SOHH (@sohh) February 12, 2020

High-Key Details: Gucci’s wife Keyshia Ka’oir also went online to acknowledge his born day.

View this post on Instagram HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fine ass husband @laflare1017 !!! just wanna thank God for u!! Wow!! Such an amazing MAN! U are my everything & everyday is your day ! I will always cater to u, make sure u are happy, well taken care of, fed, f’d & most of all LOVED! U are the perfect husband for me & I LOVE u so much babe!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY #MrDavis🤍 A post shared by Keyshia Ka'oir Davis (@keyshiakaoir) on Feb 12, 2020 at 5:52am PSTWait, There’s More: Guwop has kept busy lately pushing for fans to tag aspiring artists worthy of a million dollar record deal.

View this post on Instagram Drop @ 💰if you ready to sign for a mill!! A post shared by Gucci Mane (@laflare1017) on Feb 7, 2020 at 11:18am PST
View this post on Instagram Who’s the hottest? tag em 💰💰 A post shared by Gucci Mane (@laflare1017) on Jan 23, 2020 at 2:20pm PST
View this post on Instagram Tag the next millionaire A post shared by Gucci Mane (@laflare1017) on Jan 22, 2020 at 6:27am PSTBefore You Go: In mid-January 2020, rap star Asian Doll revealed she asked Gucci Mane to release her from his record label.

I feel like I owe my fans the truth so here it goes I ASKED GUCCI MANE TO RELEASE ME FROM 1017 A COUPLE DAYS AGO & HE SAID “OKAY” IM OFFICIALLY AN INDEPENDENT ARTIST 💯 thank you alamo records/Eskimo Records for the opportunity but I’m NO LONGER IN MY DEAL. THANK YOU GOD 💪🏾— Asian Doll (@AsianDaBrattt) January 17, 2020

Yeezy Taught Me? Jay Electronica + JAY-Z Expected To Take WATCH THE THRONE-Approach W/ New Album

Rap veteran Jay Electronica isn’t just putting out a new album. Fresh speculation claims the hip-hop veteran is low-key gearing up to drop a JAY-Z-heavy new studio effort in the coming weeks.

Big Facts: According to new reports, the highly-anticipated LP will be similar to JAY’s 2011 Watch the Throne joint album with Kanye West.

Last week, Jay Electronica confirmed that his major debut album, A Written Testimony, would be releasing on March 18th. In the announcement, he revealed that it would feature JAY-Z, with production contributed from Young Guru. Well, it’s been brought to our attention that the album will have Jigga featured on multiple tracks (more than 7). The only thing holding it up from being called a complete collaborative project, is that Jay’s not on every track. While it’s not being presented as a joint-album, this is the closest thing to Watch the Throne 2 we may get from both Jays. Guest Starring, JAY-Z, has a nice ring to it. (OnSmash)

View this post on Instagram #‪JayElectronica’s debut album is reportedly a joint project with JAY-Z, similar to #WatchTheThrone 🤯‬ . . [Peep hourly for the latest news!] #SOHHNews #HipHop #RapNews #MustRead #MusicNews #50Cent #Drake #LilWayne #KodakBlack #CashMoney #Future #YoungThug #NickiMinaj #CardiB #Migos #Offset #GucciMane #KendrickLamar #TDE #NBAYoungBoy #OVO #Quavo #NipseyHussle #JAYZ #LilUziVert A post shared by SOHH (@sohhdotcom) on Feb 12, 2020 at 7:45am PST
“…my debut album featuring Hov man this is highway robbery”— J A Y E L E C T R O N I C A (@JayElectronica) February 7, 2020

High-Key Details: Recorded in just 40 days, the album will finally release in a little more than a month from now.

View this post on Instagram Jay Electronica releasing his album next month 👀 . . [Peep hourly for the latest news!] #SOHHNews #HipHop #RapNews #MustRead #MusicNews #50Cent #Drake #LilWayne #KodakBlack #CashMoney #Future #YoungThug #NickiMinaj #CardiB #Migos #Offset #GucciMane #KendrickLamar #TDE #NBAYoungBoy #OVO #Quavo #NipseyHussle #JAYZ #LilUziVert #JayElectronica A post shared by SOHH (@sohhdotcom) on Feb 10, 2020 at 12:13pm PSTWait, There’s More: In August 2019, Jay Elect used a Star Wars-inspired pic to apologize for his past actions.

Wait – should we not look more into this or take this as literal? lol @JayElectronica [Peep hourly for your latest news!] #SOHHNews #MustRead #HipHopNews #RapNews #MusicNews— SOHH (@sohh) August 20, 2019Before You Go: In mid-August 2019, Jay shared a pic of himself and former girlfriend Erykah Badu.

Family first! @JayElectronica @fatbellybella [Peep hourly for your latest news!] #SOHHNews #MustRead #HipHopNews #RapNews #MusicNews #ReadNow #ReadLater— SOHH (@sohh) August 19, 2019

50 Cent + Tony Yayo Find The Funniest Gayle King/Oprah Winfrey + Snoop Dogg Meme You’ll See This Week

G-Unit’s 50 Cent and Tony Yayo have plenty of time this week. The hip-hop pair have lit up social media with a hilarious meme poking fun at the recent issues Snoop Dogg had toward TV reporter Gayle King.

Big Facts: On Wednesday, both Fif and Tony jumped on Instagram with the hilarious must-see meme.

LMFAO – still in tears hours after seeing this. LOL – @TonyYayo @SnoopDogg #SOHHNews— SOHH (@sohh) February 12, 2020
😆yeah, this one is funny. #powerneverends #abcforlife #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac— 50cent (@50cent) February 12, 2020

High-Key Details: Last weekend, Snoop Dizzle shut down speculation about wanting physical harm to come King’s way following recent televised questions she brought up about Kobe Bryant‘s past sexual assault accusations

View this post on Instagram P. S. A. From the peoples champ now carry on and be nice to others 💯🙏🏿 KB8/24. 🙏🏿💜💛 A post shared by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on Feb 8, 2020 at 3:23pm PSTWait, There’s More: Snoop’s initial Gayle rants even sparked a mighty co-sign from jailed TV icon Bill Cosby.

. @SnoopDogg when they brought me to my gated community and placed me inside of my penthouse, they didn’t win nor did they silence me. It’s so sad and disappointing that successful Black Women are being used to tarnish the image and legacy of successful Black Men even in death.— Bill Cosby (@BillCosby) February 6, 2020
#ThankYouSnoopDogg#BetOnBlackLegacy#StopTearingDownBlackMen#EnoughIsEnough#KobeLegacyLivesOn#GiannaLegacyLivesOn#MichaelJacksonLegacyLivesOn#BillCosbyFarFromFinished— Bill Cosby (@BillCosby) February 6, 2020
Snoop – when they brought me to my gated community and placed me inside of my penthouse, they didn’t win nor did they silence me. It’s so sad and disappointing that successful Black Women are being used to tarnish…— Bill Cosby (@BillCosby) February 6, 2020
View this post on Instagram Snoop – when they brought me to my gated community and placed me inside of my penthouse, they didn’t win nor did they silence me. It’s so sad and disappointing that successful Black Women are being used to tarnish the image and legacy of successful Black Men, even in death. Are these people that in need of fame, ratings and/or money? On behalf of myself, Camille and my family, thank you, thank you and thank you. My heartfelt prayers are with Kobe and his family, as well as with Michael Jackson and his family. May their legacies live on forever. #ThankYouSnoopDogg #BetOnBlackLegacy #StopTearingDownBlackMen #EnoughIsEnough #KobeLegacyLivesOn #GiannaLegacyLivesOn #MichaelJacksonLegacyLivesOn #BillCosbyFarFromFinished A post shared by Bill Cosby (@billcosby) on Feb 6, 2020 at 1:05pm PST
View this post on Instagram Love u uncle bill. 🤜🏾🔥💯 A post shared by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on Feb 6, 2020 at 4:41pm PSTBefore You Go: Last Thursday, 50 Cent didn’t hold back on adding his thoughts on Snoop going off on both Oprah Winfrey and Gayle.

View this post on Instagram 50 Cent calls out Oprah . . [Peep hourly for the latest news!] #SOHHNews #HipHop #RapNews #MustRead #MusicNews #50Cent #Drake #LilWayne #KodakBlack #CashMoney #Future #YoungThug #NickiMinaj #CardiB #Migos #Offset #GucciMane #KendrickLamar #TDE #NBAYoungBoy #OVO #Quavo #NipseyHussle #JAYZ #LilUziVert #50Cent #Oprah A post shared by SOHH (@sohhdotcom) on Feb 6, 2020 at 10:10am PST
View this post on Instagram 👀see @officialboosieig don’t like how Gale & oprah moving. #starzgettheapp #abcforlife A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on Feb 6, 2020 at 8:43am PST
View this post on Instagram i apologize for his language in advance, to people who get distracted by words and miss the point. @snoopdogg expressing how he feels about Gale & oprah funky Dog Face LOL #starzgettheapp #abcforlife #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on Feb 6, 2020 at 8:57am PST
👀what is this, wait somebody gotta help me understand why they keep doing this. 🤷🏽‍♂️i apologize for my language in advance let’s talk about this.— 50cent (@50cent) February 5, 2020
.@WNBA legend @LisaLeslie told @GayleKing that Kobe Bryant's legacy is "not complicated" for her despite his 2003 rape accusation."I don't think it's something that we should keep hanging over his legacy."— CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) February 4, 2020

City Girls’ JT Comes Through W/ Iced-Out Diamond Chain For Yung Miami’s B-Day

Florida rapper Yung Miami celebrated her 26th birthday this week with a major winter ice storm around her neck. The hip-hop star’s longtime pal and fellow City Girl came through in a big way with an iced-out b-day chain.

Big Facts: This week, footage surfaced of JT’s insane birthday present to the South Beach native.

[embedded content]

View this post on Instagram BITCH I JUST FELL TF OUT OMG!!!! I’m speechless you really surprised me and out did yourself @thegirljt Jatavia thank you. ❤️😢 You got moneyyyyyyyy! I’m in tears. Thank you, thank you, thank youuu!!!!!!!!! A post shared by Caresha ..💗💋 (@yungmiami305) on Feb 11, 2020 at 7:14pm PST

High-Key Details: Recently, Yung Miami looked flawless and sent the thirst trap into spirals courtesy of new swimsuit pics.

View this post on Instagram Yung Miami looking thicc-thicc 👀 . . [Peep hourly for the latest news!] #SOHHNews #HipHop #RapNews #MustRead #MusicNews #50Cent #Drake #LilWayne #KodakBlack #CashMoney #Future #YoungThug #NickiMinaj #CardiB #Migos #Offset #GucciMane #KendrickLamar #TDE #NBAYoungBoy #OVO #Quavo #NipseyHussle #JAYZ #LilUziVert A post shared by SOHH (@sohhdotcom) on Feb 9, 2020 at 1:18pm PSTWait, There’s More: Recently, both Miami and JT showed off major fashion drip on their social media pages.

View this post on Instagram Such a city girl it’s a shame. A post shared by Caresha ..💗💋 (@yungmiami305) on Feb 2, 2020 at 12:11am PST
View this post on Instagram nasty but classy, Birkin bag me.✨ A post shared by CITY GIRL🌃 (@thegirljt) on Feb 1, 2020 at 9:11am PSTBefore You Go: Recently, the hip-hop pair blew fans away with a must-see Billboard magazine cover feature.

View this post on Instagram #citygirls make the cover of #billboard 👏🔥 . . [Peep hourly for the latest news!] #SOHHNews #HipHop #RapNews #MustRead #MusicNews #50Cent #Drake #LilWayne #KodakBlack #CashMoney #Future #YoungThug #NickiMinaj #CardiB #Migos #Offset #GucciMane #KendrickLamar #TDE #NBAYoungBoy #OVO #Quavo #NipseyHussle #JAYZ #LilUziVert #JT #YungMiami A post shared by SOHH (@sohhdotcom) on Jan 10, 2020 at 8:19am PST

Arizona Zervas Debuts ‘Roxanne’ Video

1 hour ago Music Videos

Arizona Zervas has been taking over the airwaves and charts with his breakout single “Roxanne,” which finally gets a video.
The Nicholas Jandora-directed clip was shot in the desert and finds the 24-year-old singer-songwriter waking up in a motel room before living through different scenarios with his high-maintenance and crazy girlfriend Roxanne, who trashes his hotel room and crashes a pool party. “Never gonna love me but it’s alright,” he sings as she cracks a bottle on his head.
“Roxanne,” which quickly became a viral hit on TikTok, has been climbing the charts since its release last fall. It has been certified double platinum and peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. Zervas, who writes and engineers all of his songs, had been releasing music independently since 2016 prior to signing with Columbia Records last year.

[embedded content]
[embedded content]
Last night in Chicago, he joined Swae Lee on stage during Post Malone’s “Runaway Tour” where he performed his hit single. He has also announced a special one-night-only show slated for Feb. 24 at The Echo in Los Angeles.

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New Movie to Explore Possibility of Tupac Shakur Being Alive

Twenty-four years after Tupac Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas, a movie is being made about the conspiracy theories surrounding his death.
According to KTNV Las Vegas (via XXL), local filmmaker Rick Boss is making a movie that explores the possibility that the rap icon is still alive. 2Pac: The Great Escape From UMC will reenact the September 1996 shooting on the Las Vegas Strip. Tupac was taken to University Medical Center, where he died six days later. However, the film provides an alternate ending and alleges that he relocated to New Mexico.
“This movie is about Tupac actually escaping from University Medical Center here in Vegas and relocating to New Mexico,” Boss told KNTV. “Getting protection from the Navajo tribe.”
Boss said Tupac arrived in Vegas for fight night, but after being informed of a plot to kill him, he came up with a plan to plant a double in Suge Knight’s BMW and make a strategic aerial exit.
“When certain FBI agencies are looking for you, they are going to block the airport. So you can’t travel out so the best way to escape is through helicopter, private helicopter to another state,” said Boss.
FBI agents are not allowed onto tribal land without the tribal council’s permission, so Navajo land in New Mexico made for the perfect hideout.
While the story may seem farfetched, Boss said the information for the script came from Tupac’s own family and circle. “You can write a fiction. You can write a fiction story but this is not a fiction. This is facts through certain people I know,” said Boss. “Let’s just say Mr. Shakur—the family is aware of the movie and they’re okay with the title so that should tell you more or less what’s going on.”
The role of Tupac will be played by Richard Garcia, who believes the rap legend did die in Las Vegas in 1996 at the age of 25. But his legacy lives on. “He’s gone but like you said, like his mother said, he lives on through all of us. Through our memories, through our hearts, through our tribute,” said Garcia.
2Pac: The Great Escape From UMC is slated for an early 2021 release.

Arizona Zervas Shares Music Video for His Multi Platinum Hit ‘Roxanne’: Watch

Arizona Zervas’ single ‘Roxanne’ has been one of the biggest hits of this year and today, the singer-songwriter has shared the official music video.


Zervas, who writes and engineers all of his songs himself, has been consistently releasing music since 2016 but it was ‘Roxanne’ last year that really blew up, eventually landing him a deal with Columbia Records. The song has already hit top 5 on Billboard Hot 100 and is also top 5 on Pop radio at the moment.

‘Roxanne’ is certified double platinum by the RIAA already. Looks like Roxanne not only wants to party all night, she’s pretty crazy too. Watch the clip below. Zervas has announced a special one-night-only live performance slated for February 24 at The Echo in Los Angeles. Tickets will be available Feb. 14th.
[embedded content]

Here’s The Top 5 Hottest Hip-Hop Couples Right Now

Valentine’s Day is less than 48 hours away from going down but love has remained in the air for a minute with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. As more celebrity pairs continue to get into the spotlight, SOHH readers have voted and come up with the Top 5 best couples right now. Watch and comment below!

[embedded content]
No. 5 Safaree + Erica Mena

View this post on Instagram @doseofroses I know who my Valentine is 😇😇 A post shared by Safaree 🇯🇲 StuntMan (@safaree) on Jan 31, 2020 at 8:39am PST

No. 4 Future + Lori Harvey

View this post on Instagram Life is Good ❤️🦅 A post shared by Future Hendrix (@future) on Jan 13, 2020 at 9:31am PSTNo. 3 Cardi B + Offset

View this post on Instagram Mom and Dad 🦋💙 A post shared by Cardib (@iamcardib) on Feb 4, 2020 at 12:29pm PSTNo. 2 Nicki Minaj + Kenneth “Kenny” Petty

View this post on Instagram I say choke me, he do it. Every time that we do it. Ngga packin like Hewlett, I told him damn, ngga- you lit 💡 A post shared by Barbie (@nickiminaj) on Sep 4, 2019 at 2:24pm PDTNo. 1 Quavo + Saweetie

View this post on Instagram A post shared by @saweetie on Jan 26, 2020 at 11:28am PSTDid your favorite couple make the cut? Feel like the order needs to be shuffled? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section and make sure to follow SOHH on social media to vote in the next weekly poll!





Amber Rose Reveals Steamy Red Robe Pic Showing Off New Forehead Tattoo: “It’s On The Inside That Counts, Inside Of My P**** + Inside Of My Heart”

Vixen Amber Rose is standing tall behind her new forehead tattoo. The hip-hop model has continued to share shots of herself bearing the must-see ink job.

Big Facts: On Wednesday, Muva Rose hit up Instagram with a steamy new pic of herself showing off the tat.

V-Day can't come soon enough. WOW. lol @DaRealAmberRose #SOHH #SOHHNews— SOHH (@sohh) February 12, 2020
View this post on Instagram When ur Mom lets you draw on ur Barbie 😏 #Bash #Slash @el_jacob_ramirez A post shared by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on Feb 11, 2020 at 10:04pm PST

High-Key Details: Recently, a pic emerged of Amber’s boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards donning a head tattoo showing their son Slash‘s birthday.

View this post on Instagram Wednesday and Thursday at #bodyelectrictattoo#eljacobramirez#walkinswelcome#tattoos#melroseavenue#hollywood#scriptattoo#losangeles#tattoo#la#ca#ink# thanks @ae4president A post shared by Jacob Ramirez (@el_jacob_ramirez) on Jan 7, 2020 at 5:01pm PSTWait, There’s More: Footage also recently surfaced showing off the couple’s head tats.

[embedded content]
Before You Go: According to reports, Rose’s new ink is dedicated to her two sons.

The model, 36, debuted a huge forehead tattoo with “Bash” and “Slash,” the names of her two children, written in cursive. Rose shares 7-year-old son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz — who goes by Bash — with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa; she just welcomed her new baby, Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, with boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards in October. (Page Six)

Chris Brown Shows Off Sneaker Face Tattoo

3 hours ago News

Chris Brown is giving fans a look at his newest tattoo.
The Indigo singer got a tattoo of a Nike Air Jordan III sneaker on the right side of his face, which appears to be hanging by the laces from a Black Pyramid logo. He showed off the fresh ink in an Instagram post while standing alongside his “Safety 2020” collaborator Gashi in a garage full of shoes.
“Music has a way of making people smile @gashi,” Breezy captioned the pic.

The tat, inspired by one of his favorite shoes, isn’t exactly new. He reportedly got the ink sometime last year, but this is the first time fans have seen it up close. He also showed it off as he walked the red carpet with his 5-year-old daughter Royalty at the Grammys last month.

Chris enlisted the services of tattoo artist GANGA, who shared additional photos on his Instagram page. “More tattoos last night for my brother @chrisbrownofficial,” said GANGA. “Here is this Jordan shoe that I did recently.”

The Jordan tattoo is just one of Breezy’s many tattoos in his already extensive collection. The proud father recently got a portrait of his new son Aeko’s face on his left hand and also has a tattoo of his daughter on his back. In 2015, he debuted a massive tattoo of the ancient Greek statue Venus de Milo on the back of his head.

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Wale Performs ‘Sue Me / Love…’ Medley with Kelly Price on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Wale’s latest album Wow.. That’s Crazy has a lot of good songs on it. In fact, there are hardly any skips.


The Bryson Tiller featured ‘Love… (Her Fault)’ serves as the latest single off the album which has risen to top 15 on Urban radio this week while his previous one ‘On Chill’ with Jeremih remains inside the top 10.

On Tuesday night, the DMV rapper stopped by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to perform a medley of the new single and the album opener, ‘Sue Me’ featuring the guest, Kelly Price. Watch it below. Wale released the music video for ‘Love…’ last month.

New Music: Pop Smoke – ‘Dior (Remix)’ (Feat. Gunna)

Pop Smoke just put out his album Meet The Woo 2 last week which you can stream here. Perhaps in an effort to boost up the streams a little for the first week sales, the New York rapper has put out the deluxe version of the album tonight too.


On there are a few new songs, one of which is an official remix of his growing smash ‘Dior’ which features a guest verse from Gunna. Check it out below. You can also stream the entire new version of the song, with the other bonus tracks; ‘Wolves’ with NAV and ‘Like Me’ with PnB Rock.

‘Dior (Remix)’
[embedded content]


Roots Picnic 2020 Lineup Announced

Over the years, the Roots Picnic has become one of the best Hip Hop festivals to go to and this year’s lineup is looking quite solid as well.


The festival will return to Philly’s The Mann Center in the final weekend in May (May 30-31) and be headlined by Meek Mill, DaBaby and Summer Walker. SiR, Burna Boy, Snoh Aalegra, Baby Rose, Thundercat, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, Griselda, Brandy, Musiq Soulchild, Phony Ppl and DJ Diamond Kuts are some of the other acts taking the stage.

The festival grounds will include 3 stages of music, gaming, art and dialogue featuring live podcast experience with episodes of Around the Way Curls Podcast, The Read and Questlove Supreme as well as CRWN with Elliott Wilson. See the full lineup below.

“Always a highlight of the year, The Roots Picnic continues to grow and solidify itself as a cornerstone of Philadelphia culture”, says Shawn Gee, President of Live Nation Urban and Roots manager and co-founder of the event. “This year we are presenting a few special collaborative sets, one specifically with the Roots celebrating R&B music, with some legendary artists. Personally, I am excited that Meek Mill will grace the Roots Picnic stage this year, as this is the only major event in our hometown that he hasn’t played yet. We are also excited to be back at the Mann Center in Fairmount Park and looking forward to another great year”.
Tickets for the event will be available Friday at noon here.

Azealia Banks Calls Off Retirement; Releases New Spanish Rap Single ‘Nirvana’

Azealia Banks is a talented artist but even more than that, she’s highly unpredictable.


The Harlem rapper and singer has had a roller-coaster career already and in December, 2019, she announced that she was retiring from music. This came after years of clues that she doesn’t want to continue her music career any longer. “Azealia Banks is leaving the forest so you tree a*s b*tches can fall in silence,” she said while taking shots at some of the other female artists today like Iggy Azalea and Tinashe.

But over the last few days, Banks has been teasing new music again, including a Spanish song that she said will be out soon. Some fans were making fn of her flip-flop while others were celebrating the return.
Tonight, she has dropped the full, studio version of the track titled ‘Nirvana’ where she’s rapping in Spanish fluently over a Drill-influenced instrumental. She also infuses some English lyrics towards the end. Listen to it below.

Migos Announce New Single ‘GNF (Give No FXK)’ Ft. Travis Scott & Young Thug

Migos has been working on new music for past several months and hinted a few times that we can expect their new album CULTURE III in 2020.


On Friday, the Rap trio will kick start the campaign with the first single ‘GNF’ aka ‘Give No FXK’ which also features Travis Scott and Young Thug. That’s 5 artists performing on the record we think. Migos and Travis have performed the track before so we know how it’s going to sound like (watch below). It’s produced by Murda Beatz.

CULTURE III will serve as the followup to their 2018 album, CULTURE II. During a recent Instagram live session, Offset revealed that Juice WLRD will probably appear on the album. “I got this song called “What’s Brackin’” with him and I probably gonna put that shit on Culture III,” Offset shared on IG Live. “He gonna ape shit on that thing.”
[embedded content]