Dr. Dre has been seen in the studio lately, working on new music with some of his closest associates.

Today, we have one of the products of the sessions. Longtime Aftermath affiliate DJ Silk went on Instagram Live recently and surprised fans by playing a brand new song with raps from Dr. Dre and KXNG Crooked. In the clip, you can hear a verse each from Dre and Crooked along with the hook over a solid instrumental that definitely has the classic Dr. Dre touch. Check it out below.

“(B*tch) Tryna kill me with them lies and that perjury / ICU / I see you tryna f*ck me while I’m in surgery,” you can hear Dre rhyme in the beginning of the clip before KXNG Crooked comes on and raps like an alien. In his rhymes, Dre is referring to the hospital stint where he was getting treated for brain aneurysm in the ICU top of this year and the messy divorce that he’s involved in, with Nicole Young.

Shortly after coming home last month, he posed for a photo with his close collaborators in the studio while producer Dem Jointz captioned the pic, “And We Back!! #Detox21,” thereby hinting that the long awaited album Detox may finally be on the way. There’s no word yet on whether this song will appear on it.

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