When Drake shared the artwork for Certified Lover Boy, people were in disbelief and Elliott Wilson had to go out of his way to confirm that it was the front cover for the album. Even then, people didn’t believe it. Opinions varied and included people saying that artwork didn’t matter and people saying that the artwork did exactly what it was meant to do, whether people liked it or not.

This morning, Drake has taken to his Instagram account to share some unused covers for the album. One of them is the cover which leaked on DrakeRelated.com a few weeks out from the release. Another is some art done by Theo Skudra, Drake’s photographer and videographer. Along with the unused art, he shares other designs that may or may not be used and one of the initial stages of the final artwork which was done by Damien Hirst.

I bet a lot of people are going to use some of these instead of the official art.

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