Lil Durk has had a solid year so far and he’s the kind of artist who will try his best to keep the momentum going.

With his Voice of the Heroes joint project with Lil Baby still in rotation for many fans, the Chicago rapper is back today with a brand new single called ‘Pissed Me Off’. The song follows the news that he shared on social media recently that he plans to get his high school diploma soon.

“You ain’t get back for your mans, you in the club like he ain’t dead / Nike ski mask for the COVID, the only time you ni**as wear it / Ni**as ran inside my crib but the Glock 10 was by the bed / I’ll give my gun to India before I put it in your hand,” he raps on the track.

We still don’t know if this is taken off a project dropping soon. Hear it below.

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