New York rapper Nas knows how to spread love. Th hip-hop veteran went online this week to put big respect on Wu-Tang Clan group member Raekon’s name by calling him a true hip-hop G.O.A.T. contender.

Look and comment below!

“Yo @raekwon Peace Beloved. My brother. I Salute you on this Classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx aka The Purple Tape. 25 Years Club General. You one of the greatest to touch a mic. Great times when @realghostfacekillah and us recorded Verbal Intercourse. This Lp changed the game. Thank you King. Congrats” -Nas’ Instagram

“Salut family. The green jacket club. Word !!!!” -Raekwon

“🙌🏾” -Ghostface Killah

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