Quavo & Saweetie Avoid Criminal Charges in Elevator Fight Incident

Quavo and Saweetie have managed to avoid any criminal charges against them in the elevator fight incident, the video of which leaked in March.Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the case was referred to the L.A. City Attorney’s Office, which declined to file any charges in the matter. Based on the evidence, which is a surveillance video of the then couple fighting in an elevator in an apartment complex in North Hollywood a year ago, there is no likelihood of any conviction happening.Earlier reports suggested that cops wanted to talk to the both of them over the footage. Both Quavo and Saweetie have not made a big deal out of the video surfacing, which tells us that it was just an escalated situation between a couple rather than a harmful altercation.“We had an unfortunate situation almost a year ago that we both learned and moved on from. I haven’t physically abused Saweetie and have real gratitude for what we did share overall,” Quavo said at the time. “This unfortunate incident happened a year ago, while we have reconciled since then and moved past this particular disagreement, there were simply too many other hurdles to overcome in our relationship and we have both since moved on,” Saweetie’s spokesperson said. “I kindly ask that everyone respect my privacy during this time.”“I’ve learned that the world doesn’t stop for anybody,” Saweetie, 27, told W magazine in an interview released on Wednesday. “And it’s for sure not going to stop for me just because I got my heart broke. I was grateful to be doing the photoshoot. I was like, I can deal with all this later.”

Snoop Dogg Seriously Needs Prayers For His Mom

Snoop Dogg has gone to social media to ask fans to pray for his family ... in particular for his mother, Beverly.

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The hip-hop legend did not go into much detail about the situation, but observant followers can put together that his 70-year-old mother is likely in bad health.

Snoop’s first post was a picture of Beverly, as he asked for prayers. He later shared a video update, saying he was being tested and had to be strong, and again asked for prayers.

Snoop then posted a quote about being thankful for waking up each day with so many people passing away. Finally, the usually upbeat artist posted a comedy clip, noting that he needed a laugh during tough times.

The hip-hop community has united to support the rap icon, from fans and followers, to friends and family like E-40, Warren G and LL Cool J.

Snoop Dogg recently released his 18th solo album — From Tha Streets To The Suites — and is working on a Mount Westmore group album with Ice Cube, E-40 and Too Short.

Daphne Joy Went Nude For Cinco De Mayo

New York rapper 50 Cent's ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy has made Cinco de Mayo an unforgettable day. The popular mom to Fifty's mini-me Sire Jackson has come through with a jaw-dropping flex in celebration of the Mexican-American holiday.

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Daphne Joy Went Nude For Cinco de Mayo

Daphne brought more than joy to the world to her Instagram followers. She blessed more than 1.7 supporters with a snapshot of herself – presumably – in her birthday suit, with a huge hat and salsa-dancing emoji caption.


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Daphne Joy went nude for Cinco de Mayo.

While not showing off any type of Latin drip, President Joe Biden went to his Twitter page to acknowledge Cinco de Mayo.

“Today, on Cinco de Mayo, we celebrate the legacy of Mexican courage and resiliency. I am thankful for the incredible contributions of generations of Mexican Americans who have served in our military, explored outer space, fed our nation, and created countless jobs.”

Today, on Cinco de Mayo, we celebrate the legacy of Mexican courage and resiliency. I am thankful for the incredible contributions of generations of Mexican Americans who have served in our military, explored outer space, fed our nation, and created countless jobs.— President Biden (@POTUS) May 5, 2021

50 Cent Reacts To Diddy/Daphne Joy Outing

In April 2021, 50 Cent went to his Instagram page to share a pic of what appeared to be Joy and music mogul Diddy together. Instead of holding a grudge, 50 vowed to stay out of their possible romance.

“👀Nah me and puff fight over business sh*t,If he like the girl, he like the girl 👀I don’t give a f*ck ! #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi”

50 Cent's like…. AND???? Fifty reacts to his baby mother Daphne Joy appearing to clock in time with Diddy. #First #BOHH #BlackOwnedHipHop— SOHH (@sohh) April 10, 2021
50 Cent reacts to Diddy/Daphne Joy outing.

50 Cent’s Baby Mama Gives Powerful PSA

Back in March 2021, Daphne lit up social media with a selfie and strong caption. She acknowledged Women’s Awareness Month and spoke directly to her lady followers.

“There is beauty about a woman whose confidence comes from experiences. Who knows she can fall and pick herself back up. A woman who is determined to follow her own path no matter the obstacle. That woman is you! Happy International Women’s Day!”

DJ’s Semi-Nude Pic Is Jaw-Dropping

Recently, Joy went to her Instagram page with an eye-opening shot. The pic featured her modeling alongside a pool and artistically using a small cup to cover her lower region.

“What’s the tea?”

The possible Internet-breaking shot also left vixen Erica Mena stunned in her comments section.

“Wow” -Erica Mena

Bobby Shmurda’s Getting A Harriet Tubman Tattoo

Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda is enjoying his newfound freedom so much, he's getting a symbol of his status inked on his body. The recently-released artist shared a video of himself getting an image of legendary freedom fighter Harriet Tubman tattooed on his arm.

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Bobby Shmurda’s Getting A Historic New Tattoo

It’s been a little over two months since Bobby Shmurda was released from prison following a six-year bid. The “Hot N*gga” hitmaker has been super hyped and living it up — despite some pretty strict conditions of parole — but sat down for some time to get the iconic image of Harriet Tubman added to his personal canvas.

#BobbyShmurda went to get some new ink, and he’s currently in the process of getting #HarrietTubman tattooed on his arm.

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Jim Jones Is Pumped After Meeting W/ Bobby Shmurda

New York rap veteran Jim Jones met up with Brooklyn’s Bobby Shmurda recently and it was all love. The Dipset capo made it clear that he’s a big fan of the young star who is getting his career back on track after a prison stint.

“First time I seen Bobby last night his energy is impeccable I’m in th studio high as a kite I hear sombody say I got th billy wit me I look up it’s Bobby bitch @itsbobbyshmurda we immediately break out into a wrestling match 🤼‍♀️ lol love this fool as I look at this clip again I started to laugh n smile all over again I can say I am genuinely for for this young man Yal b celebrating these weirdos I’m celebrate my hero’s”

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Bobby Shmurda’s ‘Girlfriend’ Says He’s Lying About Her

Bobby is getting singled out by the mystery White woman who appeared in steamy footage kissing him on the cheek. The vixen — who goes by the name Lilly — hit up a social media post to provide some clarity.

“Doesn’t know me ?! I picked him up from prison. Lefty needa get out your ear”

Shmurda Denies Relationship Rumors

This week, Shmurda went live on Instagram to say he was not boo’d up, but also didn’t want social media bashing Lilly. Bobby said he had no idea she was filming him, but asked followers to spare mercy on the social media vixen despite claiming to not know her.

“It was not me!! That is the homeboy’s joint, bro. That sh*t ain’t cool, bruh. I’m trying to stay as a nice guy. I’m on parole. But, y’all want me to wild the f*ck out. … Y’all got to be careful with what y’all saying to people. … Shaming the girl and all that. Even though she did some corny sh*t, sometimes that’s what people do. You let that sh*t slide. You let it ride and keep going.”

Kodak Black Caught Flirting W/ Cardi B’s Sister

Florida rapper Kodak Black might've gotten himself in trouble. Last we checked, the platinum-selling artist was boo'd up and potentially expecting a baby with model/rapper Mellow Rackz, but recently he was on another woman's social media page appearing to shoot his shot.

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Kodak Black Gets Flirty With Hennessy Carolina

Kodak Black got caught in a thirst-trap post from Cardi B‘s sister Hennessy Carolina, throwing out some flirty commentary. It raised some eyebrows considering as recently as last month, the chart-topping MC was reportedly engaged to Mellow Rackz — and asking the Internet for help with baby names.

“I’ll Change My Whole Life Fa You”

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Kodak Black Asks For Baby Boy Names

The recently released hip-hop artist went online in March to reveal he had a baby on the way, but it’s reportedly not his fiancée who is pregnant. Kodak took it a step further and asked for some name suggestions.

Kodak appears to be expecting a baby & needs help finding a boy name.💙 What y’all think the name should be? 🤔 Side note: someone from our #Clique told us this baby is NOT with the “fiancé” he previously announced. But we can’t confirm anything. Just listen to them 🥴

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Kodak Black + His Fiancée Mellow Rackz Get Each Other’s Names Tattooed

Yak is really enjoying his love life. His now-fiancée Mellow Rackz recently went online to show off some matching tattoos they both now don. Rackz took to her Instagram Story recently to reveal she had his first name – Bill – tattooed on her face and gave him a kiss in the photo. He put her name – Melody – on the back of his neck.

KB Proposes In Middle Of Love Triangle

It seemed like Kodak Black was caught in a crazy love triangle. After crooning for City Girls’ JT on Valentine’s Day, he is gearing up to tie the knot with what just was another man’s girl. Rapper Rynaee Trill went online with a slew of posts and videos explaining the situation. His now-former flame Mellow Rackz has been showing off her tattoos of Kodak and texting him, officially having left Trill now that Kodak proposed to her. She went online with a big reveal that she said yes to taking his hand in marriage. His proposal went viral as well.

Lil Baby Refuses To Retire His Short-Shorts

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby really has no problem letting his legs loose. The hip-hop star has continued to shine light on his lower region by keeping a streak of short-shorts going.

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Lil Baby Refuses To Retire His Short-Shorts

LB went to his Instagram page and unloaded some epic pics. He also teased the world about gearing up to drop a collaborative music pack with the likes of Chicago’s Lil Durk.

“Voice Of The Hero’s …… Coming Soon 🤯 @lildurk We Go Fucc The World Up 🙌🏽”

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Lil Baby refuses to retire his short-shorts.

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Lil Baby Wears His Short Shorts

This week, Baby showed off his shorts in DJ Khaled and Lil Durk’s “Every Chance I Get” music video. The visual clocks in at just under four minutes and in an outdoor setting with cars, women and fire.

After releasing the music video for “THANKFUL” featuring Lil Wayne and Jeremih, DJ Khaled returns with another visual for the “Every Chance I Get” track featuring Lil Baby and Lil Durk. Directed by Joseph Kahn, the visual is fired up with the rappers performing in an urban city setting at night with lightning, cars burning, and ladies dancing. Lil Baby kicks off with two verses and continues on the hook, with Lil Durk coming in on the third verse. (HYPEBEAST)

Lil Baby’s Shorts Are Meme-Worthy

A few days ago, Lil Baby sparked serious commotion by sharing a shot of himself rocking extra short shorts. LB even joked about the fashion statement proving his bank account is looking extra healthy these days.

“You Kno He Getting Money 💰 When He Pop Out With Some Short Shorts 🙌🏽”

The eye-opening shot ignited a flurry of hilarious reactions from rap star Young Thug to Georgia native T.I.

“Sell me that demon comin out yo knee cap” -Young Thug

“Wit da knee high socks👑 … No question 😂😂😂” -T.I.

“Above the knees rich people shorts 💎💎💎💎” -Meek Mill

“😂😂😂😂😂 fax” -YG

“Posed to pull da socks all the way up on they a**.💰😂” -DaBaby

“😂😂 pop it champ” -2 Chainz

“On Me” Remix Music Video

The jokes followed Baby blessing fans with a new visual. Earlier in the week, LB shared his “On Me” remix music video with rap heavyweight Megan Thee Stallion.

Today Lil Baby releases the “On Me (featuring Megan Thee Stallion)” remix track and Mike Ho-directed video via Quality Control Music/Wolfpack Global/Motown Records. The striking video made its broadcast premiere on MTV Live, MTVU, BET Hip Hop & BET Jams.

DJ Khaled Gives JAY-Z All His Flowers – Literally

We The Best CEO DJ Khaled knows JAY-Z isn't just a superb rap god. The hip-hop producer has shared an epic-looking shot of himself looking bossed up alongside Young Hov.

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DJ Khaled Gives JAY-Z His Flowers

The Miami hitmaker went to Instagram with a shot of them flexing in tuxedos. Khaled took things a step further by quoting one of JAY’s most hard-hitting “Sorry Not Sorry” lyrics.

“I like who I’ve become Intermittent fasting, but these meals, I’m not missin’ none 🤲🏽 #JAYZ #KHALEDKHALED #SORRYNOTSORRY”

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DJ Khaled gives JAY-Z his flowers.

Lil Baby Stunned By JAY-Z’s Verse

In a recent video, Khaled was spotted filming rap star Lil Baby in a moment marveling over JAY-Z’s lyrical skills. The scene was no doubt captured during Lil Baby’s involvement with Khaled’s star-studded new album, “Khaled Khaled” which notably included Hov’s “Sorry Not Sorry” verse.

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JAY-Z + Nas Bet It All

Last week, the highly-anticipated music video featuring Nas and JAY-Z finally dropped. The must-see visual pits Young Hov and Nasty Nas in a casino setting. While they’re betting it all in cards, Khaled makes his presence felt hanging out alongside the Big Apple heavyweights.

As promised, DJ Khaled just dropped another one, coming through at midnight with not only his twelfth studio album, Khaled Khaled, but a music video for his single “Sorry Not Sorry” featuring Nas, Jay-Z & James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive. In it, quarantine is officially over and DJ Khaled and friends are bellying up to the blackjack table for a very Vegas evening of cigars, bars, and reminiscing about that distant moment in time before they were all very, very successful. Oh, and while she doesn’t make a visual appearance, Beyoncé stops by with a slinky “heyyyy” that absolutely makes Jay-Z’s verse. (Vulture)

Hov Curates A Nas Playlist

Prior to the video dropping, JAY gave Nas a solid look. Young Hov released a curated playlist of classic Nasty Nas anthems. The listing featured a wide view of Nasir’s musical repertoire, from early classic releases to his more recent work.

Curated by The God Hov: NaS,’ a playlist by JAY-Z.

Watch the LVRN Cypher Featuring 6LACK, Westside Boogie, & BRS Kash

Love Renaissance showcases its starting lineup in a new cypher for RapCaviar x Spotify Singles.
The LVRN collective—6LACK, Westside Boogie, OMB Bloodbath, BRS Kash, NoonieVsEverybody, and producer Kitty Ca$h—come together to perform an original freestyle. In the video, which was shot in Atlanta, the crew sets up shop at a local bank while taking operations into their own hands. They issue reparations to customers and put up new signs with slogans like “Turn Your Black-Owned Business into Big Black Business.”

6LACK emerges from a vault to deliver his standout verse, on which he references Doja Cat and Keke Palmer. “My bounce back is real Doja like, but real real Black like Dolemite,” he raps, adding, “Keke, I’m sorry to this man / I do not know that man.”
According to a press release, the video “strives to empower the Black community while exploring what wealth redistribution in Black and Brown neighborhoods might look like, correcting elements of the traditional banking system that have historically disenfranchised communities of color.”
[embedded content][embedded content]

Along with the cypher, LVRN has dropped a B-Side called “Just Say That” featuring 6LACK, Westside Boogie, OMB Bloodbath, and BRS Kash. The crew shows out while celebrating their come-up on the confident track.
[embedded content][embedded content]

Meek Mill Reveals First Photo of Son Czar


Meek Mill’s son is ready for his debut.
In honor of his first birthday on Thursday (May 6), the Dream Chasers rapper has revealed the first full photo of his baby boy, Czar. The birthday boy looks dapper in his designer fit including a Burberry bucket hat and jeans while wearing two icy chains around his neck.
“Happy bday czar love you tomar your first big day!!!!” wrote Czar’s father. “Can’t wait to see you love you!!!”

Meek and his ex-girlfriend Milan Harris welcomed Czar on Meek’s birthday one year ago. Just three months later, the couple announced that they had split. “Me and Milano decided to remain friends and build our child as separate parents,” Meek said at the time.
The parents had kept their son’s name and face off social media until now. Czar is already walking and getting himself into mischief. Milano recently posted a video of him opening her bedroom door. “I’m so proud of my baby,” she gushed.
Meanwhile, Meek has been cooking up new music. Last week, he dropped a freestyle to Drake’s “Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” and has more music on the way.



Kendrick Lamar, DJ Khaled, Russ & More Announced as Investors in MixedByAli’s EngineEars

TDE’s acclaimed engineer MixedByAli launched his EngineEars platform last year in order to transform the way engineers, songwriters and producers run their businesses and get work in the industry.Today, the 31-year old engineer, real name Derek Ali, has announced the completion of a $1 Million pre-seed round of investing. And there are some recognizable names who have shown faith in the concept.They include: Kendrick Lamar, Roddy Ricch, Russ, Mustard, DJ Khaled, YG, Ella Mai, Bas, Smino, Masego, Cardogotwings, Young Guru, Kenny Beats, Ibrahim Hamad of Dreamville, La Mar Taylor of XO, Meko Yohannes of 10Summers, and indie-record label EQT. The investments are led by Slauson & Co., founded by Austin Clements and Ajay Relan.“For over two years I’ve been taking my time really understanding the real problems in my industry. From all of this research, what I/ve realized is that the problem is there are minimal tools provided to audio engineers to set us up for success, and very little access for artist and labels to search and instantly book talented engineers for their projects. This is why we created the solution EngineEars,” said Ali in a statement.“From acquiring clients and scheduling new projects, managing file storage and project archiving, to tracking payments, EngineEars provides audio engineers with the tools to operate their business whilst democratizing access to high quality engineering for artists globally,” he added. “Audio engineers exist behind the curtain and are put to the side too often as the independent music industry grows. This is why we raised our pre-seed, to hire the best talent and develop the best platform for music creatives.”EngineEars’ senior management team is madde of COO Dan Maynard (Co-founder of the Canadian Apparel Company, Noble Gentlemen Trading), CTO Luke Sorenson (former Senior Software Engineer at Google), and Market Advisor Jacob Shamberge.

Trey Songz Sued for Allegedly Punching Bartender

5 seconds ago

Trey Songz may be off the hook in his fight with cops, but he’s facing new allegations.
The R&B star is being sued for battery by a bartender at the Hollywood Palladium, who says he was working at the bar during Cardi B’s Fashion Nova launch party on May 9, 2019 when Trey jumped on the bar to sit and watch the show.
In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the bartender claims Trey ignored his warning not to sit on the bar, so he put his hand on Trey’s back to get his attention. That’s when the “Bottoms Up” singer allegedly turned around and punched the bartender in the head with a closed fist. He then looked at the other bartenders blankly and continued watching the show.
The bartender claims he suffered physical pain and emotional and psychological injury as a result of the alleged attack, and is suing for damages.
Last week, it was reported that Trey won’t face criminal charges for his physical altercation with cops at an NFL playoff game in Kansas City earlier this year. Trey was arrested, but the prosecutor decided not to file charges against him due to insufficient evidence.



Bobby Shmurda Debuts Harriet Tubman Tattoo

1 hour ago

Bobby Shmurda is paying tribute to Harriet Tubman.
The Brooklyn rapper shared footage of himself getting inked with a portrait of the famed abolitionist. In the clip, Bobby goes under the needle as tattoo artist Daz Léone draws Tubman’s face on his right arm.
“First session of a long project. Welcome home bro. He got some fire on the way,” Léone wrote on Instagram.

Bobby has yet to release any music since returning home, but that may change soon. The GS9 leader has been teasing new music, including a collaboration with J Balvin. “Ima be with y’all inna ‘HOT’ Min,” he recently told fans.
Shmurda was released from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility in February after serving six years of his seven-year sentence. He will be on parole until 2026 and must submit to substance abuse testing as well as counseling for aggression and anger as part of his parole conditions.
Bobby is also planning to return to the stage. He is set to make a special appearance at Rolling Loud Miami in July.



Trippie Redd Reveals His Top 5 Rappers

Who’s in Trippie Redd’s top 5?
The “Topanga” rapper is revealing which five rappers have influenced him most. During an interview with XXL, Trippie paid homage to GOATs like Lil Wayne and André 3000, while also naming Drake as one of his favorites.
“Aight, [Lil] Wayne, Drake… I’ma just say everything I really listen to,” said Trippie, who cited Wayne’s Tha Carter III and Tha Carter IV among his favorite albums. “Like, the most music I’ve ever listened to from an artist… These gotta be my favorites because I clearly listen to them more than everybody else.”
In addition to Wayne and Drake, he gave props to the legendary André 3000 for breaking the mold. “They made change OK,” he said. “Change is OK in every aspect because of them artists. Wayne kicked if off with the face tatts and the grills. Them ni**as kicked down the door on some whole other shit. Just being completely different. Just like André 3000 was weird. He was different, too. He’s a great guy, though. Wayne, too.”
Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti may not have been around as long, but they had an undeniable impact on Trippie. “Listening to Uzi’s shit back in 2015-16, that shit was different,” he said. “And Carti, at that time. They was on some other shit for the young ni**as. They did some crazy shit for us. They really opened doors for us to do a lot of shit that we do. You know, the ni**as from the SoundCloud era might not say it too much, but definitely, they some of the GOATs from our era.”
One of his top 5 rappers, Playboi Carti, is featured on his new single “Miss the Rage,” which drops Friday.

LeBron James Reveals Gift From JAY-Z

3 hours ago

LeBron James is revealing the one-of-a-kind gift he received from JAY-Z.
The NBA superstar showed off a special package of D’USSÉ 1969 Anniversaire Cognac that his “brother” JAY-Z delivered to his house.
In the unboxing video, which he uploaded to Instagram Stories, King James is extra careful as he removes the orange box of cognac from its “crazy packaging.” Suspended inside is a crystal diamond decanter filled with the single-barrel brandy.
“Sheesh! This boy like a diamond!” says LeBron before thanking JAY-Z. “Big homie, love, appreciate you, bro.”
The limited edition cognac, priced at $5,000, was created in honor of JAY-Z’s 50th birthday in 2019. JAY individually numbered the first 50 decanters and sent them to friends and family. A limited run was made available to the public in select major markets last year.
The first release in the collection, dubbed “Bottle No. 1,” was auctioned at Sotheby’s in March for $52,500, with proceeds benefitting the Shawn Carter Foundation. It featured JAY-Z’s engraved signature with 24-karat gold foil around the neck.
Watch LeBron unveil Hov’s lavish gift below.



LVRN (6LACK, Westside Boogie, BRS Kash, More) Release RapCaviar Cypher: Watch

Following the release of their inaugural Spotify Singles x RapCaviar collaboration (‘Keep Hope‘ by Mozzy ft. Blxst) back in December, Spotify is back today with their second RapCaviar x Spotify Singles release.This time, they join forces with Atlanta-based label and creative community, Love Renaissance (LVRN) and their roster of artists including 6LACK, Westside Boogie, OMB Bloodbath, BRS Kash, and NoonieVsEverybody. They have come together to perform an original freestyle cypher and a new original song called ‘Just Say That’.The impressive cypher, produced by Kitty Ca$h, also comes along with an official video treatment shot in Atlanta. Watch it below.[embedded content]On the collaboration process, LVRN co-founder and Head of A&R Justice Baiden said, “LVRN’s collaboration with RapCaviar happened very organically and highlights the versatile talent on our roster. The seamless blend and dynamic when you hear our artists together is unlike any other. I feel like that comradery is missing in hip-hop today and we have some of the best rappers to showcase that.”Westside Boogie (Shady Records) added: “It was fun doing the cypher because I am competitive, and I wanted to body every rapper on LVRN even though I love them,” while OMB Bloodbath recounts, “I like rapping with LVRN altogether, I loved the bank outfits, and the direction on set, plus the steak and potatoes on set was fire. If the song a hit, they need to just say that.”