Travis Scott Teases Possible New Album Title ‘Utopia’

Today (Aug. 3rd) marks the 2-year anniversary of Travis Scott’s hot selling third album, Astroworld.


The rapper took to Twitter to write fans a thank you note for all the support that they give him whenever he drops new music. “Happy Astroversary a 2 year ride that’s still one of my favorites!!! Album means so much to me!! To every one that bumps and rages to that soundtrack I love you. Let’s keep the ride going see you in Utopia,” the rapper penned in the handwritten note.

The “Let’s keep the ride going see you in Utopia” line in the note is interesting because fans are speculating that it’s the title of Travis’ next album. This is not the first time that La Flame has used that term. He also captioned an Instagram post “Utopia” last month so there’s a good chance that it’s connected with his next era.
Travis recently kicked off the new season of his Apple Music show, .WAV Radio where he dropped a bunch of new songs so don’t be surprised if the campaign for the next project starts soon.

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Astroworld debuted at the number 1 spot of Billboard Hot 100 with a massive 537k copies moved in the first week. It was also the second-largest pure album sales week of the year, behind Dave Matthews Band’s Come Tomorrow, selling 270k copies.

the guy who made the highest in the room artwork posted this on his story earlier and it’s the same post travis captioned “utopia”
— TRAP YAMZ (@YamzTheAlbum) August 4, 2020

New Travis album called Utopia coming? 😳
— The HitchFlock (@hitchflock) August 4, 2020

Travis’ next album will be titled Utopia 👀
— Aaron (@a_aron77) August 4, 2020

Cops Wanted Pop Smoke To Snitch But He Refused, According To Lawyer

(AllHipHop News) New York’s Hip-Hop police are savage.After successfully flipping Tekashi 6ix9ine in 2018, they pushed to get another Brooklyn rapper to turn on his gang.
However, Drill rapper Pop Smoke is cut from a different cloth and shot the cops down each time the subject came up — and each time they threatened him with hard-hitting charges that could have sent him to prison.
According to the New York Post, the NYPD was hounding Pop Smoke, whose legal name is Bashar Jackson, to give them information about various gang-involved crimes at the end of 2019. However, his attorney said that the detectives would always leave frustrated.
“Any conversation with Pop about cooperation was a very short one. It’s something he would never entertain doing,” his lawyer Peter Frankel said.
In December 2019, the Hip-Hop police thought that they had their golden-woo ticket, after “The Welcome to The Party” emcee was arrested for the possession of a $375,000 stolen Rolls-Royce Wraith in Brooklyn.
They dangled six felony charges over his head and told the rapper that they had footage of him near a crime-scene. They used that info to press him about members of the Brooklyn 823 subset of the Crips gang.
He refused to cooperate.
Unfortunately, Pop Smoke was murdered in February of 2020 during a robbery at a rented home in Hollywood Hills. Four people have been formally arrested and charged with his murder in July.
July also marked the celebration of his new studio album, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon. 

Leaked Bodycam Footage Of George Floyd's Death Sparks More Outrage

(AllHipHop News) More footage has been leaked from a different angle, showing the very last moments of George Floyd’s life.While no one knows who is responsible for the two videos being made public, we surely know who is upset now that they are out.
Two bodycam videos have been released showing the slain rapper begging for his life, pleading for the officers to show a little compassion and the callous way the men in blue on the scene treated him during his last moments alive on earth.
The bodycam videos are from former Minneapolis Police Department officers Thomas Lane and Alexander Kueng, who are facing aiding and abetting second-degree murder for letting former cop Derek Chauvin kneel on George Floyd's neck for almost nine-minute straight and killing him.
Derek Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder charge and being held on a $1.25 million bail.

On Lane’s video, viewers can watch an officer put a gun up toward Floyd, as they try to push him into an SUV. Also on the video, shows the cop yelling at him to “Stop falling down,” as Floyd cries out “I’m claustrophobic.”
From Kueng’s video, viewers have the closest view of his actual death. You can hear his breath and sob, gasping for air— as he heartbreakingly says “Please, I can’t breathe.” It is there that you hear a cop say, “Relax. You can breathe fine, you're talking fine.”
The video does show Kueng, a man of color and a rookie on the force, checks his pulse. According to the prosecutor, he was not able to find one.
Now, people are wondering just when the video from Tou Thao and Derek Chauvin's body cameras will be released.
Others are worried about protests starting back up again over the footage.

Cardi B Announces New Single ‘Wap’ Feat. Megan Thee Stallion

Yesterday, Cardi B teased a big announcement for today and earlier tonight on Twitter, she followed through in a big way. The rapper announced that her new single ‘Wap’ will be out on Friday and will feature none other than Megan Thee Stallion, marking the pair’s first collaboration.


As the above tweet states, there is a limited edition pre-order available here where all copies will be signed by Cardi. You can get a cassette, CD or vinyl.

Are you excited for the single? Be sure to check back here Thursday night when it drops.

Chicago Rapper Knowshun Drops Heat With “Flammatory” Video

Coming out of Chicago, Knowshun began making beats and writing rhymes at the early age of 16 years old. As he matured, he began to finetune his skills in both freestyling and battle rapping.In 2017, he started his own media company called Mind-You-Mental LLC, and even added directing and cinematography to his skillsets.
Fast forward to 2020, he's becoming a powerhouse, fully capable of completely producing his own albums and shooting his own music videos. Knowshun hopes to inspire others through lyricism and heavy bars. Now, he releases the official music video for his single titled “Flammatory.”
This song is a masterclass mixtape on lyrical wizardry mixed in with an eerie game, similar to the vibe that only a horror movie can evoke. The vibe is perfect for fans of suspense thrillers and horror.
Watch and look out for more from the Mind-You-Mental LLC recording artist.

Cardi B Announces New Single ‘WAP’ with Megan Thee Stallion

It’s about to be a Hot Girl summer.
After much anticipation, Cardi B has announced her new single “WAP” featuring Megan Thee Stallion, which is set to drop Friday. Along with the release date, she revealed the cover art, which finds the Bronx rapper and Houston hottie back-to-back with their tongues out in matching hair and hoop earrings.
“Single droppin this Friday! WAP feat. @theestallion #Wap,” said Cardi, while Meg added, “WAP😛💦 @iamcardib and The Hot Girl Coach this Friday !!!”
Cardi did not reveal what “WAP” stands for, but fans have speculated that it’s an acronym for “Wet Ass Pussy.” The song was produced by Ayo n Keyz, who produced “Bickenhead” for Cardi’s debut.

This marks the first solo release from Cardi since “Press” in May 2019. She had delayed the single due to coronavirus and a protracted renegotiation with her label Atlantic Records.
Cardi has been in the studio working on the follow-up to 2018’s Invasion of Privacy, which won a Grammy for Best Rap Album and became the longest-charting debut album from a female rapper in Billboard history. She has also relaunched her website where fans can sign up to receive updates on new music, merch, and tour dates.
Speaking with Vogue last year, Cardi opened up about the pressure surrounding the highly-anticipated project. “So it’s scary because it’s like, now you got to top your first album, and then it’s like, damn. I wonder if people are gonna relate to the new things, to the new life, to the new shit that I gotta talk about now,” she told the magazine.

Kanye West Chooses Spiritual Advisor As His Vice-President

(AllHipHop News) We all know that Kanye West is a multi-tasker.The poly-hyphenate just hopped on a jet to work on his relationship with his wife and children, and at the same time dropped the name of his choice for Vice President for his 2020 presidential run.
As expected, the "College Drop" out emcee has tapped Michelle Tidball as his running mate. But who is she?
Tidball is a 57-year-old biblical life coach, who owns the Yarash bible study program, under her nonprofit organization Abundant Ministries. She lives in Wyoming and does not watch the news, but according to her website listens to “God’s whispers within [her] heart.”
Reports of the team development came as Kanye applied for inclusion on the Vermont and Missouri cards and listed Tidball as his second in command. Ironically, he did not include her on his West Virginia petition.
On August 3rd, Kanye submitted a petition for the Arkansas ballot, where he also included Tidball, but missed the New York, Maryland, and nearby Kansas deadlines.
Arkansas requires the petition to have 1,000 signatures of support to qualify as an independent candidate.
Kanye's campaign office submitted those names within 15 minutes of the deadline. He almost missed that one too. He is not in the clear —even with getting the signatures in on time because they have to be verified. If he drops under 1,000, he (nor Tidball) will be on the ballot.

Rod Wave Kicks A “Freestyle” And Holds Big Stacks For the Camera


7 hours ago

Rod Wave was the hottest in the streets before the pandemic hit - check out his new "Freestyle"Sometimes there's no need to complicate things and in this case with Rod Wave, he's got a formula that works! That being said fans will get another "deluxe" album for his Pray For Love . The album was a follow up to his 2019 album Ghetto Gospel that earned him critical acclaim across the industry and made him a marquee must see entertainer. The follow up will be available for fans on August 7th.

Tory Lanez Has Been Deported, Sources Say

(AllHipHop Rumors) Tory Lanez has been deported, sources say.The 28-year-old rapper, born in Ontario Texas, has been reportedly deported after an alleged shooting involving Rapstar Megan Thee Stallion. New paragraph
Wow! This is not fully confirmed, but a report by has stated that they have a source that says the rapper has been booted from the United States. As you all know, on July 12, Tory Lanez and Megan were involved in a situation that resulted in her being shot in both feet. BOTH FEET? How does this even happen? Tory Lanez was arrested in the Hollywood Hills and subsequently charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Megan Thee Statuesque was in the car reportedly, but I attempted to leave, allegedly resulting in the shooting. Again, HOW? Before we knew it was a shooting, we thought it was some form of glass wound possibly from broken glass from gunfire.
Anyway we are all waiting to hear what is next with this. Over 13,000 people signed a petition to have Tory Lanez booted from the country. Lanez as one of the premier rappers from Canada and was really nipping on Drake's high heels. I am not sure what they are teaching over there but shooting a woman is one of the most cowardly acts you can possibly do. I do not care if he is only 5’3” and she is almost 6 feet tall, just take the L, dog!
More on this sad story as it develops.

Desiigner Claims Coronavirus Is ‘Fake’

The coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the globe, but Desiigner is not concerned.
The “Panda” rapper doesn’t believe the virus is real and has even gone so far as to call it “fake.” Taking to Instagram, a carefree Desiigner shared his thoughts on the deadly virus, which has claimed over 150,000 lives in the U.S.
“Corona is fake, gone, bro. No funny shit. Enjoy life. No cap,” he said.
The former G.O.O.D. Music signee says he’s been outside and has yet to contract corona. “We ain’t even on that type of vibe. Corona shit, man,” he added. “Honestly, that corona shit is BS. You feel me? I ain’t get sick yet. I been outside, healthy.”

Despite his beliefs, the spread of COVID-19 has only worsened. As of Monday, there were 4.78 million cases in the U.S. and 158,000 deaths, with the highest number of cases in California, Florida, and Texas.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease specialist, said that the U.S. has entered a “new phase” of the pandemic, in which the virus is now being spread by asymptomatic people.
On Friday, Desiigner dropped his Diamonds Forever two-pack featuring a pair of new songs, “Soup” and “In My Ways.”

JAY-Z Reissues Three Rare Songs for Streaming

A trio of rare JAY-Z songs are available to stream for the first time ever.
Mr. Carter digs in the crates and reissues three old tracks exclusively on TIDAL. They include “Glory,” his 2012 dedication to daughter Blue Ivy, along with “From Marcy to Hollywood” and “What the Game Made Me,” two songs that date back over two decades.
“From Marcy to Hollywood” was originally released on the soundtrack to 1998’s The Players Club starring Ice Cube, Bernie Mac, and Jamie Foxx. The track, which features Memphis Bleek and Sauce Money, samples Billy Joel’s “Honesty.” JAY also linked up with Bleek and Sauce Money on “What the Game Made Me” from the soundtrack to 1998’s I Got the Hook-Up, which was No Limit Records’ first theatrical release.

“Glory” was released to SoundCloud following the birth of JAY and Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter in January 2012. “The most amazing feeling I feel, words can’t describe what I’m feeling for real / Baby, I paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you,” JAY raps on Pharrell-assisted track, which also features cries from Blue. The song, which marks Blue’s first feature, debuted at No. 23 on the Billboard Rap Songs chart.

JAY-Z has made his music exclusive to TIDAL in the past. His 2017 album 4:44 was a TIDAL exclusive for a short window of time before it was made available on other streaming platforms. In April 2017, Hov pulled most of his albums from Spotify before returning his catalog to the streaming service in December 2019 in honor of his 50th birthday.

A$AP Rocky, Juicy J + Wiz Khalifa Might Have Low-Key Formed A New Rap Group

Rap veteran Juicy J might have officially moved on from Three 6 Mafia. The Memphis legend went to social media this week with a clip of himself making music alongside some familiar faces.Juicy J’s New Rap GroupHeading into Monday, Juicy J asked followers to help him name a potential new rap group. In the video, he’s turning up in the studio next to Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Mob‘s A$AP Rocky.“Yooo name this group” – Juicy J’s Twitter View this post on Instagram ‪Help #JuicyJ name his rap trio with #WizKhalifa and #ASAPRocky 😂 what you naming this group?? 🤔 . . [Peep hourly for the latest news!] #SOHHNews #HipHop #RapNews #MustRead #MusicNews #50Cent #Drake #LilWayne #KodakBlack #CashMoney #Future #YoungThug #NickiMinaj #CardiB #Migos #Offset #GucciMane #KendrickLamar #TDE #NBAYoungBoy #OVO #Quavo #NipseyHussle #JAYZ #LilUziVertA post shared by SOHH (@sohhdotcom) on Aug 3, 2020 at 9:59am PDTJuicy J’s new rap group includes Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky.Juicy also shared some sneak peeks at the epic studio session with A$AP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa.“@asaprocky @wizkhalifa can’t wait till y’all hear this 🥊🥊🥊🥊 prod by juicy j Photo by @gveews” -Juicy J’s Instagram View this post on Instagram @asaprocky @wizkhalifa can’t wait till y’all hear this 🥊🥊🥊🥊 prod by juicy j Photo by @gveewsA post shared by Juicy J (@juicyj) on Aug 3, 2020 at 3:04am PDTHigh-Key DetailsJuicy J is giving fans a reason to get excited about fall 2020. The hip-hop veteran went online last week to plug his upcoming Hustle Continues album and share the project’s full tracklisting. On Friday, the Juice Man went to his Instagram page with the big unveil. J revealed his latest studio album would come packed with 15 records and tons of guest features.“Hustle Continues Tracklist dropping Oct 2020” -Juicy J’s InstagramAnd that heat can't come soon enough! @therealjuicyj reveals tracklisting to his upcoming #HustleContinues album dropping in October! #SOHH #SOHHNews— (@sohhdotcom) July 31, 2020Juicy J’s Hustle Continues tracklisting revealed.In celebration of his new album gearing up to drop, Juicy released his new Wiz Khalifa-featured “Gah D*mn High” single to the masses. [embedded content][embedded content]Wait, There’s MoreLast Monday, Juicy hit up his Twitter page to answer a Verzuz battle pitch from co-creator Timbaland. He responded by pitting himself against rap legend Nas in a potential face-off.“Juicy j vs Nas,” Juicy said when asked about the next Verzuz battle by Timbaland. -Juicy J’s TwitterYou know…. this doesn't sound THAT crazy when you really think…. ok, nah, never mind. LMFAO…. @therealjuicyj really thinks he can see himself facing off against the legend @Nas – that #Illmatic alone is all God's Son needs. lol #SOHH #SOHHNews— (@sohhdotcom) July 28, 2020Juicy J wants Nas for Verzuz battle.Before You GoIn late June 2020, Juicy went to his social media pages to deliver a huge Verzuz pitch. J suggested he could go hit for hit with production icon Dr. Dre.“I wanna do a Verzus battle wit Dr Dre no cappuccino 🧢” -Juicy J’s TwitterI wanna do a Verzus battle wit Dr Dre no cappuccino 🧢— juicy j (@therealjuicyj) June 30, 2020I produced a lot of songs check my catalog shits long mane I’m greatful to still do what I love to do— juicy j (@therealjuicyj) June 30, 2020Aw don’t forget I got a Oscar a moon mane a Grammy American music Awards & some mo shit I’m a heavy weight too , some of y’all never knew that tho all good I’ll show you— juicy j (@therealjuicyj) June 30, 2020Yep some niggaz don’t know but in due time they will— juicy j (@therealjuicyj) June 30, 2020

Drake’s Baby Mama Sophie Brussaux Celebrates Birthday with New Photo of Adonis

4 mins ago News
Drake’s baby mama celebrated her birthday with a blowout bash.
Sophie Brussaux took to Instagram to share photos from her Arabian Nights-themed party in Drake’s hometown of Toronto. The French painter and activist rocked pink hair and a bright pink caftan while surrounded by heart-shaped balloons and bouquets of roses.
Adonis, her 2-year-old son with Drake, also made a cameo in one photo, smiling and clapping while his mother held him in her arms.
“Arabian nights birthday theme… I have the best friends ever thank you,” Sophie wrote before tagging her friends. “Thank you for all the good vibes everyone.”

It’s unclear if Drake attended the party. He has kept his family life mostly private, but in March, he shared photos of his blond-haired baby boy for the first time on social media.
“I posted those pictures. It was great for me,” he told Lil Wayne on Young Money Radio. “I just woke up one morning and I was like, you know what? This is just something that I want to do. I want to be able to go places with my son and share memories with my son. I don’t want to feel like just because of a life choice I made to be a ‘celebrity’ that I got to make everybody live under this blanket. So, I just wanted to free myself of that.”
Adonis was born in October 2017, but it wasn’t reported until May 2018 that Drake had secretly fathered a child with Brussaux, a former adult film star, after Pusha-T revealed his existence on his diss track “The Story of Adidon.” Drake later confirmed his paternity on his 2018 album Scorpion.

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What is most important for you right now is to connect to your own inner light. This will create the biggest opening of all. Trust that you have all of the power within to make this happen, and in order to do that connect to the people and things that bring you a lot of joy. When the mind starts to move into overthinking or fear, shift your attention right away to something bright. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past or what is happening around us now, you can always make the choice to break free of the wheel of suffering and panic and open up to your own light. We are powerful manifestors , so once you make the choice in the moment to shift your awareness to something good, it will show you in your reality. Be conscious, especially right now of fears coming in from others, and recognize that not everything should be held by you. Laughter is your best medicine, but tears can also be a powerful release. Let go of any judgment you may have around that. Remember that you are never alone, and if you need to be reminded of that ask for support and it will show up. Everything comes down to intention, and even though there are conflicting energies circling around us you must KNOW…It will rebuild. But in order for that to happen, you have to do exactly that. Trust. You have the biggest heart and that is your greatest gift. It’s impossible to always control your surroundings, but when you shift the focus to how you want to feel, everything will conspire to assist you. I love and miss my beautiful family and friends and I can’t wait for the joyful day when we are all able to reunite. Until then please keep your lights on.
A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Mar 30, 2020 at 2:14am PDT

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Jay-Z Drops 3 Rare Songs on TIDAL

Jay-Z has a nice surprise for his fans today. The legendary rapper has dropped three of his old songs for the first time on streaming platforms.


Of course, the three tracks, ‘Glory’, ‘From Marcy to Hollywood’ and ‘What The Game Made Me’ have been exclusively released on his service, TIDAL. ‘Glory’ was released in January, 2012 as a celebration of birth of his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter who was born on Jan. 7th. ‘From Marcy to Hollywood’ featured Memphis Bleek & Sauce Money and appeared on the March 1998 soundtrack to the Ice Cube comedy drama The Player’s Club.

‘What The Game Made Me’ had the same collaborators, appearing on Master P’s I Got The Hook Up soundtrack from No Limit Records. The track samples Don Blackman’s 1982 single ‘Holding You, Loving You‘. Stream all three below.

Logic’s ‘No Pressure’ Debuts at No. 2 on Billboard 200

Logic is going out on a high note.
The Maryland rapper’s sixth and final album No Pressure debuts at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 with 221,000 equivalent album units. Of that sum, 172,000 are in album sales, supported by an array of merchandise/album bundles. The No I.D.-produced farewell set also enters at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Rap Albums chart.
No Pressure is Logic’s biggest week for an album since Everybody opened at No. 1 with 248,000 units in May 2017. It is also Logic’s seventh top 10 entry, starting with Under Pressure, which debuted and peaked at No. 4 in November 2014.
Logic faced competition from Taylor Swift, whose surprise album Folklore comes in at No. 1 with 846,000 equivalent album units, the biggest week for any album since Swift’s own Lover last year.
After two weeks on top, Juice WRLD’s posthumous album Legends Never Die falls to No. 3 with 107,000 equivalent album units, while Pop Smoke’s former No. 1 Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon slides 2-4 with 107,000 units.
Gunna’s previous chart-topper WUNNA jumps 21-6 following the release of the deluxe edition with eight additional tracks.

40k first week, #8 on Billboard. I love you family. Forever. This is more than I could of ever asked for. I really can’t thank you enough. Wow. ❤️.
— charlton (real emo thug) (@thekidlaroi) August 2, 2020

The Kid LAROI makes his Billboard 200 debut with his first full-length mixtape F*ck Love at No. 8 with 40,000 equivalent album units.
Elsewhere in the top 10, Lil Baby’s former leader, My Turn, falls 5-7 with 53,000 units, while Post Malone’s Hollywood’s Bleeding drops to No. 9 with 34,000 units.
Billboard 200 Top 10
1. Taylor Swift – Folklore – 846,0002. Logic – No Pressure – 221,0003. Juice WRLD – Legends Never Die – 107,0004. Pop Smoke – Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon – 107,0005. Hamilton: An American Musical – 75,0006. Gunna – Wunna – 67,0007. Lil Baby – My Turn – 53,0008. The Kid LAROI – F*ck Love – 40,0009. Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding – 33,00010. Harry Styles – Fine Line – 31,000