Following a couple of weeks of hiatus, welcome back to another edition of Saturday Spotlight. Each week we review submissions from all over the globe, picking the best out of the batch to highlight at the end of the week. If you’re an aspiring rapper, a producer wanting to create a buzz, or a singer looking to expose their talent, Saturday Spotlight is dedicated to discovering the next star. This week, we received over 60 submissions — below are the two picks!

Whether it’s your latest single or a new beat you made, all upcoming artists can submit music to us for Saturday Spotlight on this link.


Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, singer/songwriter IAM McCoy has released a project titled “OVERDUE”. The album is an 8-song journey through IAM McCoy’s transition from being a “shadow artist”, to finding himself on the front lines of music creation. Starting as an audio-engineer, McCoy always had a strong passion for music, but found it challenging to navigate that space for his own original work. The project explores McCoy’s status as a student of music — this is clear with his affinity for bars and flow. Despite various features on the project, McCoy’s layered voice carries through to the last track. There is a seriousness to his voice and delivery, one that exemplifies his dedication and perseverance to the craft.

Listen to ‘Overdue’ below.


Ethereal, otherworldly singer/songwriter SIM enlists LA based R&B vocalist Tanerélle and ATL native Hip-Hop artist ZAIA for the stunningly eclectic track “SAMSARA.” The song comes as a follow up to WORMHOLE & KARMA, aligned with SIM’s galactic theme of being an alien being brought to Earth to heal with music. With angelic vocals and dreamy songwriting, SIM & co. explore the “bittersweet reality of multiverse lovers whose romantic journey has come to an end.” SIM produced the track themselves — perhaps this is why it flows with such seamless ease, with SIM’s own vocals acting as an instrument in the production. As the track progresses, “memories of many past lives instantly flood into the couple’s current state of consciousness; allowing them to recognize their intimate relationship spans beyond this world.”

Listen to SAMSARA below.

– by Nadine & Navjosh

Through our artist discovery platform Saturday Spotlight, we have discovered some amazing talent in the past including Russ, Ty Dolla Sign, Mez, IDK, Victoria Monét and Trap Beckham to name just a few. In most cases, coverage on HHNM was their first look among media outlets. Find the submission guidelines here.

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