(AllHipHop Rumors) We have not had a "Signs The World Is Coming To An End..." in a while. Well, here we are now and it is a doozie! Man, for the longest, have been doing any and everything to make sure they don't lose their sexual vitality. ANYTHING. Most people think of a lil blue pill or something else to get it up. I am not sure what they have access to in Mexico, but they are on something else.

A Mexican man was hospitalized for using some sort of BULL STIMULANT to get his hard-on right and exact. This "stimulant" is the same thing that gets BULLS HARD! Dude, you have to understand when bulls need to mate, they inject them with this stuff to get them going - straight breeding.  

Well, this man put that in his allegedly old, small body like he was a bull. The man had an erection for 3 days straight. Not knowing what to do, he went to the hospital. Remember, this is all so he could have sex with a 30-year old woman. That must be some good "good" for a man to inject himself with bull stimulants to get it up! I am assuming he has tried just about everything else. 

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