NTWRK & Rome Pays Off Team Up To Drop Estate-Approved Jean-Michel Basquiat Apparel Collection

(AllHipHop News) Three of Jean-Michel Basquiat's most notable works (In Italian, Hollywood Africans, St. Joe Louis Surrounded By Snakes) have inspired a new capsule Video shopping app NTWRK and the Rome Pays Off brand partnered with the Basquiat Estate for the limited-run collection."We're honored to be working with the Basquiat Estate on this capsule for NTWRK, it's an opportunity to bring the artist’s work and worldview to life in new ways for an entirely new generation of artists, dreamers, and creators," says Rome Pays Off CEO Christina Burns.
Holland Smith, NTWRK's Director of Merchandising, adds, "We're thrilled to be teaming up with Rome Pays Off and the Basquiat Estate for this drop. The aesthetic and narrative of Jean-Michel Basquiat's work is a perfect fit for our members, several thousand of which have already pre-registered for a chance to shop the Basquiat capsule."

"Basquiat: Presented by Rome Pays Off" drops today (September 22) at 9 pm ET. Consumers will be able to purchase exclusive t-shirts, hoodies, face masks, jigsaw puzzles, tote bags, and an all-natural rubber yoga mats.
Vice producer and writer Abdullah Saeed will host a live broadcast on NTWRK to introduce the collection. Basquiat's niece and fashion model, Jessica Kelly, will also be part of the campaign.

"Jean-Michel would have been perfectly at home in today's remix culture," states to Lisane Basquiat, the artist's sister. She goes on to say, "The restless, indomitable spirit of today's youth, reflects the energy of my brother's work. The story of his meteoric rise through what was once a mostly white art world is the kind of inspiration we need out there today."
Basquiat started his journey in the art world as a New York City-based graffiti artist in the 1970s. His street art-inspired work eventually made it into galleries. Before his death in 1988 at the age of 27, Basquiat began showing his neo-expressionist pieces around the world.
In 2017, Basquiat’s “Untitled” (1982) sold for $110.5 million to Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa at a Sotheby’s auction. The iconic painter has been referenced in countless Hip Hop songs such as Jay-Z's "Picasso Baby," Nas's "Land of Promise," J. Cole's "Rich N*ggaz," Lil Wayne's "John," Rick Ross's "Three Kings," Nipsey Hussle's "Face The World," and A$AP Rocky's "Phoenix."

Travis Scott Announces New Single “Franchise”

(AllHipHop News) Travis Scott is ready to drop another new record. The Houston-raised rapper announced "Franchise" will hit the internet on Friday. Fans have the chance to buy a deluxe CD or deluxe cassette on Scott's website.Visual artist George Condo designed the "Franchise" cover art. Condo previously created the imagery for Kanye West's masterful 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.Kan
"I’m been up stairs cheifing them tunes! Condo Been downstairs painting with da wine on tilt," tweeted Scott on Monday night.
So far in 2020, Scott hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart with the Kid Cudi-assisted "The Scotts." The Cactus Jack label leader also released "The Plan" off Tenet: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Former Bad Boy Artist Loon Reunites With Diddy

(AllHipHop News) Back in the early 2000s, Amir Junaid Muhadith (born Chauncey Hawkins) hit the Billboard charts as part of Puff Daddy's Bad Boy Entertainment roster. The rapper, better known as Loon, was featured on the Top 5 hits "I Need a Girl" part one and two.Loon converted to Islam and left the music industry. He then faced serious legal issues in 2011 after being arrested in Brussels. Muhadith was later sentenced to 14 years in a U.S. federal prison on charges of conspiring with intent to distribute heroin.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Loon was granted early release from the penitentiary in July. After serving eight years, a judge shortened his sentence to time served. He was slated to remain behind bars until 2021.
Now that he is free, Loon reunited with Bad Boy Entertainment founder Sean "Diddy" Combs aka Puff Daddy. The 45-year-old Harlem native posted several photos with his ex-boss on Instagram.
Loon's IG caption reads:

Everything is not what it seems. After all that we’ve been through the love cannot be denied. We’ve travelled the world together, made millions together and at times we may not have always agreed, but by Allah, if I hadn’t experienced the things that we went through, I wouldn’t have become the man that I am today!

Bryson Tiller Releases New Song “Always Forever” In Preparation For New Album

(AllHipHop News) Earlier this month, Bryson Tiller returned with the "Inhale" music video. The 27-year-old singer/songwriter also let loose a new song this week."Always Forever" arrived overnight on DSPs. J-Louis, Teddy Walton, and CameOne are credited as producers for the record. The song's visualizer is currently trending on YouTube.
Tiller is expected to release his next body of work before the end of 2020. His most recent studio LP was 2017's True to Self which opened at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. 
His 2015 project, Trapsoul, was met with critical acclaim. That album contained the singles "Don't", "Exchange" and "Sorry Not Sorry." It went on to earn 3x-Platinum status.

Cordae Talks Being A Longtime Fan Of Jay-Z & Nas

(AllHipHop News) Cordae is one of the new school rappers that regularly gets praised by old school rap fans. For some listeners, his focus on lyricism and concepts feels like a modern-day approach to traditional Hip Hop.The Lost Boy album creator likely adopted that style because of the rap artists that provided the music for his early life. Cordae spoke to Zane Lowe on Apple Music to promote the "At Home With" playlist, but he also discussed his appreciation for two legends.

"Jay-Z's music was the soundtrack of my childhood and me growing up and, as I grow older, I would always go back to it and just realize how brilliant it was and how much I really learned," said Cordae.
He continued, "I was really growing up wearing Rocawear, wearing Sean John, Velour suits, throwing up the Roc sign at eight years old. Just straight up, listening to music, it always just brings me back to those times, and what he's doing now with music and beyond is just nothing short than incredible."

Plus, Cordae shouted out Nasir Jones. The 23-year-old emcee added, "It Was Written is my personal favorite Nas album. And 'The Message': 'Fake thugs, no love, you get the slug.' Just how he comes in with that mafioso style. That's just one of my favorite all-time Nas songs."
Cordae named Travis Scott as one of his inspirations too. He also shared a few of his favorite Hip Hop producers by naming Scott, Kanye West, Eminem, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, J Dilla, Just Blaze, and Dr. Dre.

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion's “WAP” Spends Fourth Week At No. 1

(AllHipHop News) "WAP" is once again the #1 song in America. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's hit collaboration remained in the Hot 100 chart's top spot for the fourth time.The Ayo N Keyz-produced song is now Cardi's longest-running #1 entry as a lead artist. "WAP" surpassed "Bodak Yellow" which held onto the top spot for three weeks in 2017. 
Cardi also clocked in seven weeks as a guest on 2018's "Girls Like You" by Maroon 5. This week, she extended her record for most combined weeks at #1 for a female rapper with 15 weeks.

In addition, "WAP" is still #1 on Billboard's Global 200. Last week, the track became the first-ever Number One on the new chart which ranks the most popular songs on the planet.
"WAP" also spends a sixth week at #1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Hot Rap Songs charts. Cardi and Megan lead the Streaming Songs chart for the fifth week (41.5 million streams) as well.

Bobby Shmurda Won't Be Coming Home Until 2021

(AllHipHop News) The early release for one of Brooklyn’s most beloved sons has been denied.After review from his parole board, the bad news was shared with Bobby Shmurda and his team — he will have to serve out his entire sentencing. No reason was provided, but the date of his release will be December 11, 2021.
Some believe that his behavior while incarcerated may have led to this decision. Since being behind bars, he has racked up 11 violations, including drug possession, fighting, and a weapon, according to TMZ.
The rapper has been locked up for almost six years already.
Shmurda took a plea deal in 2016, standing tall as he accepted the following charges: conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon. The judge hit him with a sentence of six to seven years.
Authorities tried to pin him with a conspiracy to commit murder but that was thrown out with some other charges.
Bobby’s mother had promised new music and a documentary to share with fans the long journey, but that will be placed on ice. Family, friends and fans alike are devasted … especially looking at popular rappers like Tekashi 6ix9ine getting out so easily.

Read Kanye West's New Blueprint For Artists To Follow In War With Labels

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West has given future music moguls a template for how to manage contracts with their biggest artists amid a freedom bid against executives at Sony and Universal.The rapper is attempting to buy back his masters as part of a plan to shut down his restrictive contract, which he shared with followers on social media last week while insisting that he was coming up with a plan to help JAY-Z and Taylor Swift obtain their back catalogs.

And he shared his new vision for what record deals should look like on Sunday, urging music industry bosses to adopt his guidelines, so he and his peers can enjoy a fairer share in the albums and singles they record.

"It sounds basic and logical but it does NOT exist," he wrote on Twitter. "They (executives) focus on top earners and ZERO look at the 440 stores... Only the top few. Artists are global. That’s why their contract territory says GLOBAL."

The rapper's manifesto urges music moguls to allow artists to automatically own the copyright to the songs they record for a label and lease tracks to companies for a year, maximum.

He also suggests record label bosses and publishers should get a lesser share of any profits during that year.

And he calls on label lawyers to make their contracts simpler and banish legal jargon: "We need Plain English contracts," he writes. "A Lawyers role is to IMPROVE deals... not charge for contracts we cannot understand or track."

Kanye also feels artists should be allowed to manage their own back catalogs, adding: "You should need NO ONE else to understand the business you're in."

Eve Admits Hard Partying Ruined Her Hit Sitcom

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Eve is convinced excessive partying led to the demise of her namesake sitcom.The "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" hitmaker admits she now regrets her clubbing lifestyle when her eponymous show aired from 2003 to 2006, insisting admitting she should have slowed down and focused on her career.

"Having my own sitcom was everything... it was pressure, it was fun, it was stressful, it was amazing," Eve revealed during an episode of her series "Uncensored."
"I was the youngest at the time of the cast, and a lot of them were just getting married, just buying their first house or, like, just having babies," Eve said. "I was still going to the club, trying to get to set at 9am. Trying to 9 am to a table read..."
Eve went on to explain she couldn't keep up with the strict production schedule of her show because of all the late nights.
"When the show ended, it was definitely heartbreaking, because at that time we had done three seasons and we were family at this point," she recalled. "I do believe a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was trying to kinda straddle both sides of my life. Still trying to hold on to kinda hanging out. And I was late a lot. That's not cool."
Eve regrets that hardcore party period and wishes she had been more responsible.
"I do think a lot of it (Eve show cancellation) had to do with my actions at that time, and I do think about it sometimes," she lamented. "When I look back on it, I'm like, 'Wow!' I don't believe in regrets, but that is one time in my life where I feel like I wish I would have taken it a little more seriously than I did."

Rapper Paris Is Ready For Revolution With “Safe Space Invader”

(AllHipHop News) When Bay Area rapper Paris came out with his Tommy Boy single, “The Devil Made Me Do It,” he made a huge impact.The song was so controversial that it was banned by MTV in 1990.
Paris' music became increasingly more political and violent and by 1992, on his second album Sleeping with the Enemy, he lashed out at George Bush, the then president, and police officers — where he envisioned himself killing the president.

While some believed that the rapper took artistic liberty too far, some thought it clearly articulated the frustrations of thousands negatively impacted by the administration that seemed to launch attacks on the poor and highly melanated.
Paris is back and surprisingly the issues that he addressed 30 years ago, are still oppressing people in 2020.
On September 11th, 19 years after the horrible attack on the United States by foreign agents, he released a video for his new song, “Nobody Move.”

The visual pays tribute to Emory Douglas whose work for the Black Panther Party became a symbol of rebellion.
Paris has recently shared the cover art and tracklist for his new album, Safe Space Invader and he is sure to bring his voice to the conversation buzzing on Black and Brown’s people's lips.

Safe Space Invader will be released on his own label, Guerrilla Funk Recordings.
It promises to lift the following topics: police brutality, racism, gentrification, economic inequality, and cancel culture, among others.
Safe Space Invader is due to hit all streaming platforms on Friday, September 25th.

Kanye West Kind Of Apologizes For “Shaming” Mase Over Christianity

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West has acknowledged he was wrong for calling out Mase, but stopped short of the apology the former Bad Boy rapper demanded from him.The rapper-turned-preacher demanded an apology from Kanye West for failing to support him when he was fighting for what the "Stronger" hitmaker is now demanding.
Kanye even poked fun Mase for walking away from the music business in the song "Devil in a Blue Dress," rapping: "Don’t leave while you're hot/That's how Mase screwed up" and now the minister feels he's owed an explanation as the star threatens to quit making music amid a contract dispute with bosses at Sony.
Mase posted a message to West on his Instagram account, stating: "Much of what you are feeling has been expressed before. But when I was saying it, the same system and mindset that you are fighting against today, used you to shame me for leaving the very same system!"
The rapper, who walked away from music in 1999 and became a pastor, reveals Kanye advised him against the move - but thinks he may have a different view now he's a "born again Christian."
"I know today you may see it very differently so... You owe me (and my family) a public #apology and then some... for alluding to the fact that me following God at the height of my career was a bad decision."
Kanye, who last week demanded apologies from hip-hop heavyweights Drake and J.Cole over past beefs and slights, responded to Mase and admitted he was in the wrong for the line.

"Ma$e is right about that line ... I always felt funny about that line ... Ma$e is one of my favorite rappers and I based a lot of my flows off of him ... I’m the king of 'ooh can I get away with this bars,' Kanye tweeted.
Instead of apologizing, Kanye simply said he was reaping what he has sown.
"So I reap what I sow when the next generation does the same to me," Kanye explained.

Kanye Says He's Head Of Adidas, Trashes Puma And Then Apologizes

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West has been appointed the new head of sportswear giant Adidas, according to the rapper himself.The "Stronger" hitmaker, who is currently trying to convince Americans to vote him in as the country's next president in November made the big announcement via social media.
"I am the new head of adidas I will make sure all shoes have no laces as Run DMC told me to do... look natural... no laces," he wrote on Twitter.

Kanye quickly deleted that tweet and added: "I am the head of adidas... I will bring adidas and puma back together and bring me and jay (longtime friend and collaborator JAY-Z) back together... all pumas designs are embarrassingly trash but I will personally design puma and adidas and make everything ok."
Representatives at Adidas have yet to respond to the news, but Kanye issued an apology for calling out Jay and Puma.

Kanye West has also vowed to help his nemesis, Taylor Swift, get her masters back in her ongoing dispute with her former label, Big Machine Records, now co-owned by Scooter Braun.
Last week, Kanye West began sharing scans of his record label contracts in his latest bid to win his freedom from a restrictive Sony and Universal deal and buy back his own masters.
Calling himself "the new Moses," he has vowed not to release any new music until the matter is resolved.

Watch H.E.R. Perform “Nothing Compares 2 U” For The 2020 Emmy Awards' In Memoriam

(AllHipHop News) The 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards paid tribute to the lives and careers of individuals connected to the television industry who have died over the last year. Chadwick Boseman, Naya Rivera, Regis Philbin, Kirk Douglas, Diahann Carroll, John Witherspoon, Jerry Stiller, James Lipton, Jas Waters, and others were recognized for their contributions to entertainment.This year's In Memoriam segment at the Emmys featured R&B recording artist Gabriella "H.E.R." Wilson performing "Nothing Compares 2 U." The record was originally written and composed by Prince for The Family band. It later became Sinéad O'Connor's signature song.

Earlier this year, H.E.R. discussed being compared to the incomparable Prince Rogers Nelson. The late musical master was one of the performers that provided a career roadmap for the 23-year-old RCA Records signee.
"People say that a lot, sometimes it's like, 'Oh, those are some big shoes to fill.' But I'm honestly honored," said H.E.R. about being likened to Prince. "I can't believe when people say that because I love Prince so much. And even though I don't necessarily try to emulate him in my music, I've found inspiration in what he does as a performer and in his production."

Rakim, KRS-One & More Tapped For Universal Hip Hop Museum's “Hip Hop 4 Peace” Livestream

(AllHipHop News) Today (September 21) at 7 pm ET, the Universal Hip Hop Museum is celebrating the International Day of Peace by hosting a special digital event. The one-hour “Hip Hop 4 Peace” will stream live on the UHHM's YouTube channel.Artists from over 25 countries are said to be taking part. Rakim, KRS-ONE, Chuck D of Public Enemy, Kurtis Blow, Roxanne Shanté, Ayo & Teo, Sir Mix-A-Lot, O.T. Genasis, MC Sha-Rock, and Nasty C are among the acts on the bill for “Hip Hop 4 Peace."

“As we reflect on the disproportional effect of COVID-19 on individuals of color and systemic bias in policing which has led to the unnecessary deaths of countless Black Americans, the Universal Hip Hop Museum will lead a call-to-consciousness on September 21, 2020,” says Rocky Bucano, Executive Director of the Universal Hip Hop Museum. 
Bucano adds, “I look forward to welcoming viewers from all over the world to join us for the ‘Hip Hop 4 Peace’ livestream event and join us to express the need for global peace and unity in the face of the challenges that stand in our way.”
The Universal Hip Hop Museum is planning to make its future home at Bronx Point in New York City. Construction for the facility is currently scheduled to begin in the winter of 2020 with completion expected for the winter of 2023.

artist rendering of Bronx Point