(AllHipHop Rumors) Guys, times have changed. The days of getting into situations where people are pretending to want to fight and walking in circles like "you do something, no you do something" are over. A rapper learned that recently when he allegedly flirted with  a somebody;s girl or wife. 

Look at this and be sure to swipe to the second video. 

Now, here is what went wrong. First of all, the rapper (I am not sure how this is known) could have easily said, "My bad" and kept it moving. Or he could have talked some "smack" and walked away. But, he wanted to take his coat off and confront another man for having an issue with him. He cracked that dude so hard, I am sure he saw his life flash before his eyes. God be with him, because he rolled up on the wrong one.

Any time a dude takes your shoes off after you are laid already know. 

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