50 Cent Imitates Lil Wayne, Speaks on Fat Joe, Gunplay

It was the deposition heard 'round the world. While being interviewed in Paris recently, 50 Centhad a little fun with his interviewer by channeling Lil Wayne in his infamous deposition interviewfrom September. Toward the end of the interview with Booska-P, Fif looks to a man off camera and says, "You know he can't protect you in the real world, right?" imitating Wayne's famous line uttered to an opposition lawyer during his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III. Booska-P is fortunately familiar with the scene and the two have a laugh about it.

Elsewhere in the interview, 50 explains how he came to terms with Fat Joe while mourning their manager, Chris Lighty.

"Chris would always try to talk to me like, 'Why don't y’all sit down and let that go?' And I would be like, 'Get outta here, man,'" he said. "And then when he passed, Joe showed him a lot of respect. And he didn't have to... So when he did that, it changed my perspective."

50 also shared his thoughts on Gunplay, who recently got into a brawl with members of G-Unit outside of the BET Hip Hop Awards in October.

"With [Gunplay] you got a junkie," 50 said derisively. "You got a boy getting high and getting outta pocket. That's what happened."


Watch the full interview to see 50 talking about being a fan of Drake and his growing headphones empire.

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