Rap artist Andre Roxx from Wu-Tangs Killa Bee's is on the rise after all the negative fake news reported about the rapper. Andre faced his challenges in life when incarcerated and to top it off major news media outlets reported that he cut his penis off.

After being released from prison & ready to get his life back he met many roadblocks due to the fake news reported. Roxx had his day in court and lost to a big company with a lot of money and lawyers.

Andre Roxx has a lot to say about the justice system and politics if they think they can stop him by shutting the doors on shows and music! they got it twisted. Andre took to the radio airways to give you a look at the world through the eyes of a mistreated angry black man. Roxx started with THE CHAMBER M-F 11pm   1am PST giving his opinion on the Trump administration exposing the crooked racist politicians that choose to smile for the cameras while making moves against lower class/minorities.

Andre has started a second show call EVERY VOICE LIFTED  8am - 9am M-F PST right here on HHNSradio.ComThe show hasn't been on a week and he already had to guest speakers like Robert Farmer the Vice President Of Urban America dealings. The rapper has taken a stand against injustice with the goal to wake as many people as possible and keep you out crooked system. Every Friday he has a lawyer answering criminal and bankruptcy questions just call into 240-802-ROXX - please use this free resource don't waste it.  CHECK OUT HHNSradio.Com 24/7 HIP HOP MUSIC


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