Andre Roxx from The Wu-Tangs Killa Bees saves 5 racially profiled black men from a night and jail and a few dollars for bail.  Early Sunday morning (2 am) Roxx was awakened by sirens and flashing blue lights in Fredricks Maryland and now that he was awake he went to see what the big commotion was about but not before placing the camera in the window to film.

The Wu rapper went outside and approached the scene and was met by an officer, (knowing the law is important) who wasn't at all happy and tried to intimidate the rapper.

Roxx; "Sir... I don't speak to officers without my attorney present ... I have nothing to say to you... This is not a consensual interaction. Officer; Yeah it is... it is consensual... Roxx; No I'm not consenting to this interaction... I have nothing else to say to you, Officer; Ok I just want to let you know that you're a pretty crappy individual... Roxx; ok it's not the worse thing anybody ever said to me".

The police wanted to take the young men to the station without placing them under arrest Officer; "what we are doing is taking you over to central command my detectives want to talk to you". That is when Andre Roxx let the young men know their rights, Roxx; "If you're not being placed under arrest they have no legal grounds to detain you".

Some of the men were too scared to walk away, but a few heard Roxx out and exercise their rights intact. Roxx yells out to the men "If you're not under arrest you don't have to go with them... If they have not placed you under arrest... you don't have to go with them brothas... The Brothas; Thank you playa I appreciate it." Roxx; If they have not placed you under arrest you are free to go."  The cops were not happy as they slam the doors of the van thinking they had more cattle to warehouse for profit. Five black men drove away avoiding being caught up in the system.

Andre Roxx is steadily on the rise despite his run-ins with the law and false degrading rumors printed by media outlets. Check out Andre Roxx talk shows on Monday - Friday 8 AM - 9 AM PDT "Every Voice Lifted" Roxx talks about African American issues in America.   Roxx keeps the hip-hop community on their toes! talking politics and what Trump is up to next, or his racially motivated policies, Monday - Friday 11 PM - 1 AM PDT "The Chamber" on Let's talk politics.


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