Rob Kardashian has his hands full with baby momma drama, the break up between Chyna and Rob has been nothing but messy and getting uglier by the day.  Recently Chyna and new boy toy Ferrari escalated the drama by posting pictures of the two in bed together at the time Rob and her were still a couple, I guess the picture was retaliation for Mr Kardashian calling Ferrari broke, if they are trying to push that mans button they might of succeeded.

Chyna claims that Rob physically abused her through to the ground and when she ran and locked herself in the room he punched a hole in the door. Rob claims that Chyna tried choking him with a iPhone cord and hit him with a pole, this doesn't sound like a healthy relationship for anyone and has the potential to get worse. Their is a lot of he say she say from the couple, and name slandering on social media.  Chyna said Rob has a gun and threaten to kill himself, so she was seeking a restraining order.

The is so messy T.I. allegedly paid her for a threesome and Rob went public with that Tyga seen at the airport frowned at all the drama and said just keep him and his son King out of it.  Chyna went to court to get a restraining order and it was granted Rob didn't show up in his lawyer Robert Shapiro represented him in court, Shapiro is known from the OJ trial told the judge that Rob was fine with the restraining order and wouldn't post any degrading comments or pictures on social media, give it a couple days and I'm sure their will be something new about the family feud.

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