Two Chainz considers the man depriving him of an alleged unpaid rolls Royce tab strove to deceive him into settling on the situation ... by fraudulently posing as two distinct attorneys. The rapper claims Joshua Waddell of Highline Holdings team sent him texts in December in an unidentified number pretending to be Chainz' law firm, urging him to cover the amount the automobile broker sued for back in October.

2 Chainz says he realized that it was Waddell, nevertheless, mainly because he comprehended the quantity from prior communications. HHG claims the rapper has an outstanding balance in his own Phantom drop of $18,317 along with interest. Two Chainz now would like the Judge to instruct Waddell a lesson ... and toss out the lawsuit.
Two Chainz confirmed that neither his law firm or Waddell's law firm delivered the texts, and believes Waddell fraudulently delivered the texts just as a trap.
A couple of days later, Chainz asserts Waddell had been at it yet again -- that time pretending to function as HHG's lawyer -- also maintained that a default decision was awarded into HHG along with also a lien was issued to the rapper's whip.

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