Not long ago Jay and Ye "Watch The Throne" they were 2 "Ni*gas In Paris" now the two rapper seems to have a strained relationship.  Ye isn't happy with Tidal and his concert in Seattle and Sac he mentioned how the company politics was hold up his music production with Drake.  According to Kanye, Tidal owes the Chicago rapper over $3 million dollars a month ago Ye had his lawyer sent the streaming company a letter informing them that they are in breach of contract and the contract was terminated.

Both parties lawyers tried to resolve the issue but hasn't been successful, Ye was already leaving Tidal before the release of Jay Z 4.44 album release. The Life Of Pablo release on Tidal brought in 1.5 million new subscribers witch Kanye was old a bonus and payment for videos were never paid. Tidal sent the rapper a letter letting him know that if he tries to go to another streaming company he will be sued and Kanye replied that he would sue right back.

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