Kanye West went from hero to zero in the black community, and he has pissed off a lot of celebrities in the process. Ye has recently shown his support for Donald Trump, he even to a picture wearing a Make America Great Again hat. Charlamange the God said he wouldn't vote for the rapper if he ran for president,  YG had a picture of Kanye in the background wearing his 'Make America Great Again' hat as he performed 'F@%K Donald Trump'.

 Social media is on fire with comments and it's all bad, Daz Dillinger called for a nationwide Crip Alert to F*$K Kanye up on site so he better stay in Calabasas. R&B singer Eric Benet lives close to Kanye and thinks as safe and secure the Calabasas is it might not be safe with the crips on your ass.

Kanye is standing by his words and his methods of expressing freedom of speech, Ye hung out with  Candace Owens -- the woman who said African Americans "are focused on their past and shouting about slavery" while others are "focused on the future." I think the artist and Kanye who like that Candace & Trump goes against the grain.

T.I. being active in the community joined Yeezy and discussed the 'Make America Great Again' and created a song "Ye vs The People". Kanye express that he put on the hat to show that we are equal, not that he agrees with Trumps methods of doing things, T.I. speaks on his unorthdox way of expressing himself witch left people confused and hurt, maybe he should consider the feelings of others. Ye was maybe i should rap about guns and Drugs and how i f&%k your bitch since it seems to be our culture, listen to the song below and tell me what you think.

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