If Kanye West is thinking about running for president in 2024, he might have lost the black vote. Charlamagne Tha God won't vote for the rapper and I'm sure many will follow his lead.

Kanye just pissed off and confused a lot of his followers, Ye took a picture wearing a Donald Trump... Make America Great Again hat. The rapper even went as far as to say 'I Love Donald Trump', he is my brother, and he loves Hillary Clinton, while Kim and Chance The Rapper defended the rapper saying just because they are good friends doesn't mean they agree on politics. Social media has gone crazy with comments but there is a rumor that his following grew by 10 million.

Kanye has confused a lot of people with his outspoken criticism of President Bush and how he doesn't care about black people, then his song New Slaves, so him being supportive of President Trump who is all for racist policies against minorities while he divides our country.   Ye..... I'm sure you might have gained a lot of followers but you lost a lot of your people.


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