Kanye West SUES ROC-A-FELLA and hires one of the most powerful firms in the country

Kanye West is starting the year off collecting money from those he feels owes. Ye has filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Def Jam, UMG Recordings, and Bravado International Group, Roc-A-Fella and EMI. The dispute between EMI and Kanye is about a clear understanding of the rights and obligations between the two parties. The suit is similar against Roc-A-Fella Ye wants a declaration of his rights regarding his relations with the record company that gave Kanye his start.

The suits and clarification of rights between Kanye and the record labels might be a move to gain control of his publishing. Ye attempted to purchase his publishing for $8 - $9 million, and the rapper was denied. Publishing is a way for companies to make money of you live performances, downloads, streaming, tv and film so it might be hard to get them to give the avenue of royalties.

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