P Diddy is no stranger to lawsuits or court rooms and it looks like he will be in front of a judge soon. The Ciroc slash music mogul is being sued by his ex-chef Cindy Rueda for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and violation of whistleblower protection, Cindy was summoned to serve post sex meals for Diddy and his company and one time while he was naked and she was asked by the rap mogul do you like what you see. Cindy was once approached by one of Diddy's buddies in the kitchen and he was naked and asked her to check out his junk, sounds like the Bad Boy brand is living up to its name. Ex Chef tried to complain to a assistant of Diddy's about sexual harassment and it back fired on her she was then setup to look as if she has stolen a watch and will be prosecuted or she could sign a paper dropping everything and walk away. Rueda refused to sign any type of agreement and is moving forward with her lawsuit, and wait for a response from Diddy's reps.

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