Uncle Luke seems to be territorial about his city and I'm not mad at him about that but DJ Khaled fans feel some type of way.  If you don't know who Uncle Luke is from 2 live crew you might want to google his name. Luke has went at Drake and other from coming to Miami and running through the women at strip clubs and not putting anything back into the community.  Luke made it clear the other day that DJ Khaled isn't from Miami he is from New Orleans!

“My brother, this guy don’t run shit down here,” the 2 Live Crew rapper said. “He just scream ‘Miami’ out. He should be screaming ‘New Orleans.’ He just a settler.

“You need to be screaming out ‘Uncle Al,’ you need to be screaming out ‘Soul Survivor DJs,’ but that’s something you don’t know nothing about bruh because you a settler and you settled on Miami Beach,”


My last part of my 3 part series of giving mr. Peter Thomas reality show guy the history of Miami.

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