Kanye West Makes a donation of $10 million to James Turrell’s Northern Arizona crater project.

In what seems to be an eye-catching project by James Turrell, the artist has managed to attract the likes of Kanye West, one of his big friends into donating a large sum of money into the Arizona crater project. It said the artist began working on the crater after the extinct volcano crater in the year 1974 to date.

It is said the artist has been attracting researchers and other donors into the projects since he has been shaping the interior and exterior of the crater into artwork, according to the project website, the artwork relates, through the medium of light, to the universe of the surrounding sky, land, and culture. Kanye West is among other donors and researcher who have had the privilege to visit the place despite being closed to the public, in one of his tweets, Kanye tweeted "This is life-changing. We all live in Turell spaces." This was after he visited the place on December 13, 2018. Another source that spoke to Turrell says that more than 1.3 million cubic tones of the earth have been excavated for the crater to make room for the interior designs and other construction processes.

One of the sources published in 1999 said that the project had to be added a ‘land art' by Coconino County due to its massive size of construction. The Phoenix New Times also spoke to Turrell himself where the artist said that "I have always wanted to make light something that you treasure, not just light reflected in the glass, or a scrim, or on the surface of some objects. But objectified." Though it is not known when the projects will be completed and opened to the public, we will remain positive and hope that the project comes out triumphant.

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